Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Storybook Advent

When our children were younger, we found a book we all loved. Jotham's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide was the first book in our journey during the advent season. Jotham is a young child so it made the story kids could relate to the story well.

Each day or night part of the story is read. I remember the kids not wanting us to stop reading when it was the end of the section. Each section stops just when the suspense builds and we just wanted to know what happens to poor ole' Jotham next.

Other children are in Jotham's story which makes the next two books like coming back to an old friend. Bartholomew's Passage was used the next year followed by Tabitha's Travels.

For three years I can honestly say we had the best advent ever! In fact, it spoiled us in trying to find another advent book. We've never been able to find one like this.

In the back of the books you'll find years, and dates when Advent begins. Simply start on that date and you'll be done the morning of Christmas.
I will warn you, it has a few trials in it that I re-worded or skipped since our youngest was pretty young and our middle child was prone to nightmares. The author recommends his books for children over seven. But, you know your own child(ren).

You can use it with or without an advent wreath and candles. I would recommend the candles even if it is only lit when reading the stories. It just gives the kids something extra to remember about the experience.

Have fun and I hope you check out these fabulous books for yourself!

Do you have a favorite advent book or tradition? Please share in the comments...I'd love to hear what others are doing!

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