Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting to know you...

...getting to know all about you...♪♫

There is a game, if you will, on facebook where a person lists a number of things about oneself in the status box. If you like the person's status, he or she will assign you a number. Then you will need to write that many things about yourself.

While normally I skip through a person's status if it has a list, I really enjoy reading them these and learning more about that person. Guess what is on the agenda for today's blog post.

While you know a bit about me through the 'About' tab at the top of this page, here are a few fun facts for you to chew on.

  1. Even though I'm the youngest, I don't consider myself spoiled. Seriously, I asked my dad and he said I wasn't spoiled so therefore it must be true. ;)
  2. I'm a secret wannabe writer who would love to see her name on a cover of a novel. But it is so much work. It is hard than just sitting down and typing out a plot. There is research involved. Proper grammar. People to bring to life and perhaps kill off. 
  3. I've started 3 novels and have yet to complete one. (hangs her head in shame)
  4. I flew for the first time when I was 19. To California. Second flight was in 2009 to Floida. I've been grounded ever since. 
  5. I'm an introvert who has learned to fake it in the world as an extrovert. Unless I don't know you very well then I'm totally an introvert. I want others to make the first 'move'. And, I hate crowds. 
  6. I'm insecure. Truly.
  7. I grew up in church. Got baptized in late elementary or jr high. Just went with the flow. It wasn't until we started having babies that my faith really grew and has been growing ever since.
  8. I have self-diagnosed, unmedicated ADD...or it could just be mom-brain. I would truly love to focus but...squirrel! I work in an office where everyone is in the same small room without partitions. It's hard. Very hard. Sometimes I just plug my ears to try to remember what I was doing before that last call or what I was just typing before someone started talking. It actually works....most of the time.
  9. When I was little I witnessed a tornado from a mile away. I'm not the biggest fan of tornadoes but have gotten better with not freaking out since having children.
  10. I'm scared of birds. Yes, let the comments begin. Yes, I know how many times birds are mentioned in a 'good' way in the Bible. I do enjoy hearing their pretty songs but in flight or on the ground....let's just say I've been known to use our children as a human shield. 
What are some things you'd like to share about yourself?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grounds In My Coffee

There are grounds in my coffee. I have no idea how those pesky little specks of ground coffee bean magically appeared in my coffee this morning.

The grounds looked like they were having a fine-ole time swimming around as I stirred my just-added-flavored-creamer-coffee. So began the processes of fishing. Fishing out those specks. 

As I 'fished', I began to think how something so little could almost ruin a full mug of morning deliciousness. It's like the little foxes. No, not that fox...I really don't care what the fox says.

We had a guest pastor at our church years ago who spoke on marriage. He used Song of Solomon 2:15: 
Catch for us the foxes,
    the little foxes
that ruin the vineyards,
    our vineyards that are in bloom.
A fox is a small animal. Yet, even small animals can ruin a garden. 

Little things in life can fester building into a huge mess if we don't take care of it. Something annoying your spouse, children, friend or co-worker does can build and build until it becomes a giant issue. Relationships can be damaged. 

It is so easy to ignore a problem. I know from experience. I let little things grow until it is an uncontrollable problem. Then, I tend to blow a gasket and everyone around me suffers. It's embarrassing really. 

If I would have ignored the coffee grounds in my coffee I would have swallowed the grounds. It probably would have gone down on the bitter side. Ick! What makes me think the little problems that I stuff down and try to ignore aren't going to end up being bitter...scratch that....make ME bitter?

So, question of the day.... How do you handle it when "little grounds get in your coffee"? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Overwhelmed with Thanksgiving

Two posts in one day?! Whaaaat?! ☺

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. Do you ever experience that feeling?

To be perfectly honest, I've had some rough weeks. And, this week got rougher.

A friend, who's like a sister, had to experience a call no parent should have to experience. That dreaded call of your child in an accident. That dreaded vehicle accident. You see, her daughter lives three hours away. That seems like thousands of miles away when your child is in the ER and goes into a serious surgery before the parents can get there.

We are celebrating life this week. Her daughter cannot move her legs, but she has feeling in both. For that, we hold on to hope.

Please join me in prayer as she recovers. Also, if you wouldn't mind, pray for traveling safety.

On top of the accident, things just seemed to go downhill in other areas of life. And when I felt sad and blue, I thought about my friend and her family. My hurt feelings and insecurities as a result were small and insignificant when matters of life and death were in my friend's life. Perspective. Perspective.

Last week a family in our community had a child pass away from a farming accident. It was less than a week later when my friend's daughter had her accident. Both the same age. My friend knew the family and couldn't stop thinking about the family after his death. And, when my friend sent me a text telling me about her daughter's accident, I feel the same way. I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. That is community. That is loving the way God intended.

I'm also thankful for unexpected blessings. As I was taking food to my friend's family, someone stopped by our house. (Hubs was home) This person freely gave us a gallon of cider. Now, it may seem like a small gesture to you. But not to me. You see, this person has no idea what is happening in our lives. This person, I believe, was obedient to God as our name popped in his head as he was driving by our house. I don't believe this person really knows God used him as a vessel of love and kindness. But, when I see this person, I'll tell him.

I'm thankful for all the people praying for this family. And, who will continue to lift them up in prayer to the feet of Jesus.

No one knows what the future will hold. Squeeze you loved ones a bit tighter and longer tonight.

Today is....

NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short. 

Have you heard of it? It is National Novel Writing Month. From November 1-30, writers are encouraged to write. Write long. Write hard. Write terrible. Write fast. Write slow. Just.Write.

Are you in? I was hoping to participate this year just for fun but life has a way of happening. Yes, I could make up my own NaNo month but I need accountability and discipline.

If you know of a young person who loves to write, there is a young person version called Camp NaNoWriMo.  It looks like it would be a really fun site to get the young excited about writing. 

In other news:

Thanksgiving is 26 days away. Last year I made my first-ever-full-size turkey. You can read of my adventures here. Last year our young said we (insert I) need to make the turkey again. Why is it the young don't realize how much work is involved. I think the young shall help this year! 

A baby shower is 37 days away!!! One of our nieces and her husband is having a baby. You know, a little human. That same little human who turns your life upside-down, inside-out and ruins you in a good way. I can't wait meet this younin' in person in February.  

Christmas is only 53 days away. 53 days, People! I know. Right?! I vote for making Christmas a simple day. A meaningful yet simple day. We get so busy running here, running there we lose focus on what the day truly represents. Christ's birth. Noel! Noel! But, instead it becomes running to this house and that and making sure we have all the presents. Nothing wrong with seeing our loved ones and giving a gift. Don't get me wrong. But, sometimes it overtakes what is really the meaning. Drops mic and walks away...

And, you're welcome for all this informative (read...boring) information. It's a good thing I am not participating in NaNo this you can see, "I got nothin'"!