Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Heart Most Certain Review

I admit it. I watch her. Unnoticed like always. Momma said my curiosity would get me in trouble one day. She may be right, although she'll never hear it from me.

Lydia King. The name is as beautiful as she. Except for the beauty, she and I are a lot alike and I think that is why I watch her. At first it was to try to be like her. Then, I saw the real Lydia and the Lydia she wants the world to see. I knew right then and there if we ever had a chance meeting we would become the best of friends. 

You see, society looks down on those of us who don't have much, if any, money. But, when I watch Lydia trying so hard to hide the fact and succeed, well, I guess it gives me hope. So, I continue to take notes from afar. I know Lydia is desperate to help her family. Sometimes, I just stay close by her house just in case she needs someone to run and get help. Things at home aren't always as they seem. 

Imagine my surprise when Lydia, trying to impress her soon-to-be mother-in-law, marched right on up to Mr. Nicholas Lowe's office at the sawmill requesting he give the Teaville Moral Society money for fancy sewing machines so the Society could sew more blankets for the poor. I mean, I about fell out of the tree! Hey, I can't help it if the richest man in town leaves his window open right under the tree I just climbed! 

Nicholas Lowe is more than handsome. Yet everyone knows he won't let anyone tell him to whom he should give his money. I knew I would have a difficult time keeping my roaring laughter to a snicker when he told her no. But, what happened next, now that was something to see - he dismissed her, left his office, and she just stayed put. That girl is determined. I made a mental note to add determined to my notes later. 

What happened next? I would be writing a book, myself, if I told you all the adventures I witnessed. I'm tired just thinking about it. Author Melissa Jagears did a mighty fine job in her book, A Heart Most Certain telling and showing this amazing story. It's like she saw everything I did. And, shoot, can that girl weave a story. 

I've read the book and I will tell you it left me thinking on some matters of the heart for days. Maybe even weeks. So many thought-provoking moments in that book I thought I was going to run out of paper just marking all the good stuff. Like when Lydia admitted to Nicholas that using wool, instead of fancy blankets, would be cheaper, quicker to make and help more people but she knows "how it feels to have "good enough". But to received something beautiful..." 

I have some more snooping...I mean, my curiosity for learning about others is sending me on my way now. So, go on. Go on and purchase A Heart Most Certain to find out more about Nicholas, Lydia, and all the people in and out of their lives. Now go get that book! 

While your purchasing A Heart Most Certain, make sure you check out Melissa Jagears other novels. You won't be sorry. 

**I received this book free from the author and publisher for an honest review. And, honest is what you got. ;)