Sunday, August 19, 2012

At Least Not Tonight

"Now, Oren, there's no need to kill him." She patted the man's arm. "At least not tonight."

"I agree." Connell said. "And really, I don't see that there's ever going to be a need to kill me."

Lily is a spunky 18 year-old who is searching for her sister in the newest novel by author Jody Hedlund, Unending Devotion. Connell is a 26 year-old man in charge of three lumber camps in northern Michigan who doesn't want to make waves because his father worked too hard building the business.

Lily seems to need someone to rescue her when she charges full steam ahead into situations. Her motto: act first, think later. And boy, oh boy, does her motto get her in trouble...multiple times. Lily is passionate about others, especially freeing girls enslaved in prostitution. Dangerous men threaten and if Lily makes the wrong move, she and others could get hurt or killed.

Connell wants to please his father, who owns the lumber camps, to the point of turning a blind eye to all the wrongs happening around him. Connell struggles to confront the truth in front of him. 

Connell and Lily are drawn to each other. But, will their different worlds collide and destroy, will there be harmony or cost them both everything?

Author Jody Hedlund has done it again. Hedlund draws the reader into the story in a way the reader feels as if she/he is in the midst of the action. Frame by frame the story is revealed. The characters come alive as you hold your breath as Lily and Connell are attacked. Feel the passion as they confront their feelings for one another. Strongly dislike those who try to hurt enslaved girls. Fall in love with Lily.

Connell and Lily's budding relationship will make you smile as they spar with one another using words of playfullness. Watch both of them grow, not only in maturity, but in their relationship with God.

Put this book at the top of your list of books to read this year! Or, better yet, skip on over to a seller of your choice and purchase Unending Devotion today.

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Well done, Jody, well done.

I'm looking forward in reading more books by the talented Jody Hedlund in the near future. Next April, A Noble Groom hits bookstores. I, for one, cannot wait to get my eyes on those pages!

I recieved Unending Devotion free from Bethany House Publishing. I am in no way obligated to write a complimentory review...only an honest review.

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