Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't Mind Me

Don't mind me...just testing the new 'follow by email' gadget to see if it really works. I've heard mixed reviews.

Testing, testing....1,2,3....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Won't Hurt, I Promise

Do you see the change? To my blog page. Do you see it?

My lovely niece asked me if there was a way to get automatically emailed when I and Dancer Daughter publish new posts. So, because of that question I set off in search of the answer.

And by 'in search of the answer', I mean Mr. Google. He has become a constant friend who makes me look smarter than I really appear.

So, without further babbling.......I present ------>>>>

Just enter your email address in the box and hit submit. You'll then receive an email asking you to verfiy that you really did want to get posts from little ol' me into your inbox. And, when you think about that last statement, you may need to take a moment to look deeply into your life. If you still decide you want to get posts from me into your inbox, then click on the link in that verifying email. I'm sure you'll want to know the minute I post something so go on...don't be afraid....

In my research with Mr. Google, Blogger will not sell your email addy to anyone. You're welcome. Now you can sleep tonight. Phew!

When I mentioned this new discovery to Writer/Cos Daughter, she did her best not to laugh at her old mother. She knew this. She has utilized this gadget on her Mod Style Lounge blog. I could feel her pity. But, yet she never told me of this handy-dandy tool for the public. Yeah, what's up with that, Daughter?!

In other news more worthy than a little box with a submit button besides it....

Dancer Daughter who is now serving a term with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) has a blog to keep us all updated on her experiences with YWAM. You can check it out here. A box with a submit button will be coming to her blog in the near future. I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing her blog posts pop into your inbox.

Well, have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Glad You're Here

Today's post is sprouting from a post I just read by Sarah Markley over at (in)courage. It's a lovely post indeed. Go ahead and click on over to read about Five Little Words.

I've been hurt in the past by words. In fact, many words have hurt me. But, have I forgiven those who speak the words which hurt deeply? To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure. I think I have but when I read a post like Five Little Words, I just don't know. All the pain and hurt come flooding back like a tidal wave. I can forgive and still keep my distance from those who hurt me, right?

Well, looks like I have some praying to do to figure it out. Isn't that what life is all about? Growing. Seeking. Living. Loving.

If you haven't clicked on over, I really encourage you to do it now.

I'm oh so glad you are here!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Adventure is Out There

 Saturday morning we left home with five in a vehicle. Sunday, we came home with four.

Sunday was the big day for Dancer Daughter. The time in her life where she hugged us goodbye. She was/is so excited. She could hardly wait to get to the YWAM base which will be her home for a season of life. When asked if she was nervous, she replied a confident, "No". There were no long goodbyes. Hugs from all and a kiss from this momma and out the door we went for the long trip home without her. She was ready to start this new season. I could tell she felt 'home'.

I won't lie. I've been crying off and on for a few weeks now. I cried a bit on the way home. But, I was crying for me because I'll miss her tons. She's in a great place. God has lead her all her life and she has been amazing in her obedience.

When we travel, we usually have something major happen. One time it was something with our vehicle. Other times (yes, plural), something would happen with my dad and we'd have to cut the trip short. This time, we had a boy get car sick. This isn't new to us. It just hasn't happened in a long time. However, being the awesome mom I am (*cough*cough), I did have some Dramamine and a bucket along...just in case. We stopped for an hour or so and then got back on the road. Not too terrible. After another hour or less he was feeling himself and ready to navigate again. He is a navigating-machine, I must say. Even when we missed an exit, he expertly steered us back to where we needed with very little back tracking. Who knew?!

So, today is laundry day and a mental health day. Both hubs and I took the day off of work. I felt like the kind people at my work would not like to see my ugly cry...again. I miss that girl something awful She was a constant in our house for almost 19 years. (minus a few weeks here and there on trips with the youth group) Saying "see ya" just doesn't seem right. It is a necessary transition and I accept is just painfully hard. Each day will get better. God's got her and He's got me as well.

We'll "see" each other through Skype dates and will take through texts and phone calls. I haven't lost her for good. I think of all the parents who have children pass away due to illness or accidents. I am extremely fortunate.

We'll physically see her around Christmas. Have I told you how much I look forward to Christmas this year?! ☺

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Winner....

Due to the previously announced winner already winning the book on another blog, I redrew a name by using's generator. And, the new winner is......................................................................................................................................................

Amy Campbell !!!!!!!!

Thanks, everyone, for visiting and to those who entered.

If you didn't win, I strongly encourage you running or clicking over to your favorite book retailer. It is a book with a message you'll mull over long after you've finished the book.

Thanks, Jody, for offering the blog tour and a signed copy of the book for the contest!


Here is Unending Devotions book trailer recently released. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dancer Daughter has been counting down the days until she leaves for YWAM. I'm so excited for her. Sad for me, but excited for her. She'll have three months of training and then after a very short time home for Christmas, she'll fly off to another country to love on some children who are orphaned.

She has a blog and I thought I'd share it with you so you, too, can shoot up some prayers on her, the other missionaries, the staffs behalf, and for the people they will come in contact with during their months together. She'll update it when she is able during training and hopefully a few times during outreach. But, it depends if she has access to an internet cafe on outreach. Anyway....

Check out:


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Secret Revealed...Jody's History-Making Moment

Secret #3: My participation in a history-making moment

I am so excited [eeee!!] to have the pleasure and honor of participating in author Jody Hedlund's Secrets Revealed tour. Read all the way to the bottom to see how YOU can win a free, signed copy of her latest book. Now, here's the kind, talented and beautiful Jody Hedlund...[insert thunderous applause here]  Winner has been announced....Congratulations Amy Campbell!!!
Author Jody Hedlund
By Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund
I don't have many claims to history (other than that I write historicals!).
But I can lay claim to participating in one important and exciting moment in history: I was in Berlin around the time when the Berlin Wall came down.
I even brought home a piece of the Wall.
I was visiting Germany after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in early 1990 with a group from college (which means I'm dating myself!).
Our group drove through what was then known as East Germany in order to reach Berlin. The entire area was still controlled by the Soviets, and we were unprepared for the poverty, the under-development, and the lack of modern conveniences.
The East German cars were identical, tiny, and looked like they were made out of cardboard. The buildings were old,  the stores nearly empty, and the toilet paper coarse (funny what leaves an impression—no pun intended!)
The Soviet soldiers patrolled the streets and borders. In fact no-man's land still existed between sections of the east and west Berlin Wall.
It was as if we'd been transported back fifty years into a war zone.
It was gray and dreary—almost like stepping into a black and white photo.
I could feel the sadness, the weight of despair, and the lack of hope that came from living behind walls.
From time to time, I pull out the broken, spray-painted portions of the Berlin Wall that I brought home those many years ago. I like to boast to my kids that "I was there" during that special time in history.
And those pieces of crumbling cement remind me all over again, that walls are oppressive. Whether those walls are built by a government, someone in authority over us, or even ourselves—walls keep us from moving forward and accomplishing our potential. [Whoa! Let's re-read this paragraph, shall we. I may need to write this down where I can see it.]
We need to ask ourselves: What walls have we built in our lives? What walls have we allowed others to build around us? And what steps can we take to start knocking them down?
After all, we want to live freely, move forward, and accomplish all that we were made to do.
So, how about you? Have you (or someone in your family) ever been a part of a history-making moment? And what walls are holding you back from achieving your potential? 

 Publisher's Weekly calls Unending Devotion
 "A meaty tale of life amid the debauchery of the
lumber camps of 1880s Michigan . . .
exciting and unpredictable to the very end."
To celebrate the release of Unending Devotion, Jody is giving away a signed copy. Leave a comment (along with your email address) to enter the drawing. Valid only with US or Canadian addresses. Giveaway ends September 12, 2012 at 9 AM ET.  Winner will be notified immediately. 
Read what I thought about Jody's book here! Plus check out her first two books here and here.
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Thanks so much for stopping by! If you don't win the free book, run to your favorite book seller and purchase! You won't regret it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dance Away, Dear Daughter. Fly.

Our Dancer Daughter soon will dance away with the choreography of the Great Composer. He most certainly choreographs the music to which she dances. He has her heart. And, she is His. Each step, each movement is beautifully choreographed. She only needs obedience and quiet to hear His next wondrous step He has designed just for her.

Twelve days until she begins to fly on her own. She'll grow even deeper in love with the Lover of her soul. She'll yearn even more for His presence. She'll know what it is like to trust and rely on Him, and Him only...not the comfort of having mom and dad there to scoop her up. Knowing she can trust others even though others have hurt her in the past. Stretching beyond her limits to grasp ahold of the One who loves her most.

She'll love on children who are orphaned. Children will see Jesus through her love, caring, humor, laughter, and beautiful eyes. May she and they be a changed people.

Twelve days to hold my 'baby' and wonder how I can let her go. Twelve days to cry out to God to help me be strong as I let her go. Twelve days to wonder if I (we) have prepared her as we should. Twelve days to figure out how not to cry that ugly cry.

Twelve days of being proud of our 'little' girl. Twelve days to love her and help her. Twelve days to support and smile and laugh.

Dancer Daughter, you have become an amazing woman of God. We can't wait to see what He does through you.