Friday, November 4, 2011

Home Sweet Porch....???

So, we have this porch. An enclosed porch.

We have no garage. Just a small shed with a dirt floor.

Where do you think 'stuff' that would normally end up in storage in a garage ends up? Yup, the porch and/or basement (shudder...I'm not even going to think about that mess right now!)

I'm on Pinterest. You know, that addictive thing called Pinterest. Wowzers. I need to monitor myself on that site for I can get lost for hours.

I'm telling myself I'm mainly using Pinterest to bookmark things so a) my favorite list isn't so long and b) I'd really love to re-do the porch and "I shall save all the good ideas there in one place!".

I'm great at excuses, people! By the way, did you know that chocolate is really a vegetable? Where does chocolate come from? Beans. There. I rest my case! But, I digress....

My porch is a disaster. And, guess what. It is where everyone enters my home. There are shoes (b/c we like to free our poor toesy-woesy as soon as we get home), there are sporting things like balls, bats, Frisbees, etc, etc, etc. There are things we don't know quite what to do they sit. On.the.porch. Sigh.

A few years ago we moved an old couch onto the porch. I know. A couch on a porch. I know what you are thinking but it works for us. A place to sit to put on those shoes, a place to curl up or lie down with a book. There is a small adjustable table with a lamp....umm, there used to be a plant but I, well....ummm, killed it with my awesome black thumb. Sigh. My grandpa's rocking chair is out there as well since our babies have all grown up and are too big to rock (tear). And, don't get me started on what it looks like in the winter! (de-icer for the sidewalk, snow shovel(s), snow pants, wet gloves, scarves.....sigh)

But I'd LOVE a gorgie-pooh porch! I think I'm dreaming but I'd love a nice of clutter! But, it has to be done as inexpensively as possible. Well, I made a few steps in that direction.

I started going through all the sports equipment. Fail. Apparently someone in this house *cough, cough, son, cough** isn't quite ready to get rid of the balls that don't hold air anymore. What?! Anyway, I cleaned off an organizing shelf unit we have out there and put two empty vases (one yellow, one black) on it to go with the black star I have on the wall above it. It made me happy to walk in see those. I know, I'm weird. Well, that lasted a week. THEN helmets started piling up on top of the unit....all around my vases. Last I knew, my vases didn't really want the helmets as company! Sigh.

Do you see my poor vases? Look for the yellow one behind the red helmet.
The black vase is in-between the red helmet and baseball mitt.
There! Can you see them?! Sigh.
And, many helmets does ONE boy need?!

Today, I finally took my $2 Goodwill purchase and hung it on the wall on the porch. I originally purchased it to convert it into a chalkboard. I even bought the chalkboard paint. Then I figured out it would be easier just to cover the picture in wrapping paper and then use dry erase markers to write on the glass. Yup, I'm also lazy! And, best of all? When I find either wrapping paper or material I really would like on the picture I can just change it out. Yea for easy!

I know the writing isn't the neatest in the world and I'll need to work on that but here it is hanging on the porch!

Pardon the glare. Obviously I need curtains as well.

Isn't it sort of cute?! I figured I'd change it up with sayings and verses.

Small steps. Right?! ☺

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