Friday, December 28, 2012

Little One

Today is a day full of mixed feelings. Happy, sad, excited, anxious. And the obvious, tears.

It is time. Time for our little one to fly. Both literally and figuratively.
In a very short time she will board a plane and fly to places God has place in her heart.
Places she's never been. Places God has put a burning fire in her heart for His people.
God has provided.  It became crystal clear this is where she is to be in this moment in her life.

This momma's heart misses her little one already. At the same time, this momma's heart knows her little one is ready and a willing, obedient servant of the Most High. This momma's heart if full of mixed feelings.

Little ones won't stay little forever. It's a good thing. The next chapter of her life begins. It is exciting to see her grow physically, mentally, and Spiritually.

A part of me is remembering when she was perhaps 3 or 4 years old. I clearly see her standing on a chair decorating Christmas cookies with her big sister and me. Decorating our little hearts out, I finally looked up to see her so bravely trying not to take a bite of her just decorated cookie. She resisted but I could see the war within. I asked her if she'd like to eat one and with those huge, beautiful blue eyes and blond-hair bob nodding, I gave permission. Oh, the joy of that first bite of something she had waited so long to enjoy. I smile remember the scene unfold in my mind's eye.

This Little One has waited for God's directions. This Little One became obedient even though the thought of leaving home scared her. This Little One waited for permission to "go" from a God who loves her even more than I can imagine. She is taking her first "bite" enjoying every God-given taste of adventure in this season of her young life.

Even though I'll miss you, Dancer Daughter, with passion, I know you were born to fly. Go ahead. Take a bite. Fly as God planned and has given permission. Fly and enjoy the taste of obedience.

Monday, December 24, 2012

May Your Christmas

May your Christmas be filled with joy of knowing God sent His Son in human form for you.
May your heavy heart be lightened with peace only the Prince of Peace can bring.
May your faith be renewed as you reflect on Heavenly love.
May your sadness of missing loved ones who have passed be
lessened by imagining your loved ones celebrating
Jesus' birthday with the birthday man himself.
May you look heavenward and rejoice in all He has done
and will do in your life as well as all those around you.
May you ask Him to show you how to extend love and
service to those who enter your life.
May you always feel God's presence.
Merry Christmas.