Friday, April 23, 2010

April + Cake = Birthdays

April = lots of birthdays in my family. Earlier this month it was my dear hubby's day. Then my dad and his twin sister's bday (83 and still kickin'!! ☺) Throw a cousin or two and a few brothers-in-law bdays in the mix, too. And next week, it will be our son's 13th bday...where, oh, where has the time gone?! Happy birthday to all!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Here Am I, Send Me"

Our church has been in search mode for what seems like forever for a new lead pastor. In actuality, it has only been almost 3 years. We've had many ups and down.

This weekend, the pastor who is being considered and his family came to meet our congregation and preach this morning. Truth be told, I like him. Really like him. However, I need to pray God's will before deciding if he is really who God is sending to our congregation. (But I really liked him ... and his wife... they are real people!!)

I was struck by his sermon this morning. the blog title was his sermon title Convicting, yet real. I was really struck by the beautiful word picture of the closing prayer.

(As we say here I am, send me) "...I pray You will go before us and prepare the path. I pray You will walk with us and help us navigate the trails. I pray You will come behind us and mop up our mistakes. God, I thank You for going with us. ....I pray most of all that You and You alone will be honored and glorified in us and through us. In Jesus name, Amen"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a Few Things...

Yes, I realize it has only been a few days since I said I wouldn't be posting for a few weeks because of planning a graduation party. BUT I really couldn't resist posting this when I read it!!

This is from  No, I don't think I'm still a teen. Writer Daughter is a staff writer over there so I visit the site often. I hope you find some truth & encouragement in the poem. And don't forget to travel over to ....and send a teen over that way, too! (but after you read the poem!!)

I Will Dance
by RTF Assistant Editor Halee Matthews

They try to wrap their fingers
Around my very soul,
Drag me down into the depths,
A deep, dark, bottomless hole,
From which there is no return.

They assail me from all sides,
Fear and worry and doubt,
Trying hard to trap me in,
Make me think there’s no way out.
But there is a way, I know.

So I will dance on my troubles,
Because I know I must.
I will dance on my worries,
Trample them into dust.
I’ll raise my hands, praise my God,
No more doubt, only trust.
And I’ll dance my way across this life.
I will dance, and I will dance.

I wrote this poem when I was faced with a lot of uncertainty about my future. In my frustration, I wanted to worry. I wanted to think of every possibility and have a plan for each one, because that’s how I deal with an uncertain future: I plan. But in this case, I couldn’t really plan. All I could do was wait.

I was so tempted to fear, to doubt, and so I did what I always do when life is trying to drag me down: I danced. I put on my favorite music and danced away the fear, the worry, the anxiety. I took all the energy that was pulling me toward worry and used it to praise God instead.

In many ways, I’m still in that place of uncertainty. A lot about my future is yet to be determined. But I can practically feel those doubts under my feet. I trampled the life out of them, and I plan to keep dancing and trusting for the rest of my days.

Care to join me?


This is also a great read and advice. It is how one couple put one spouse through a Christian college without going in debt. Must read for those of us with college tution coming up in our child's future!!

Okay, must be going....there are signs to make and cakes to bake and photos to find.... By the way, if ANYONE knows where I put my daughter's yearly pictures, I'd be most appreciative if you told me!!! I'm missing quite a few years and just don't know WHERE I put them!! Ahhhhhhh!!! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Never, Ever Alone

It has been a little busy around here. Graduation party. In our neck of the woods, it is a big thing...okay huge. Other parts of the country, I hear it's "not so much".

Since this is our first graduation party to plan, blog posts may be few and far between for the next 2 to 3 weeks. BUT, never fear...I'll be back!! I might even make a posting appearance before then...especially if I have something I just need to say!! Yeah, I you can sleep tonight knowing're welcome. ☺

In honor of our Writer Daughter's graduation, enjoy this video.

Sarah, you are never, ever alone. God is always, always there!!
And we, your family, will always be there for you, too!! Love you!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Choosing to Sing ♫Hallelujah♪

The year 2010 has not been a good year thus far. One thing after another, after another, after get the point. Yesterday was full of tears. Today, I'm a little angry. I'll get through it. I will because I need to believe when we get past all of this, God will be glorified. I really need to believe that right now.

This morning, I woke up with the chorus of the video below singing in my head. I do believe God was trying to tell me something! It is hard to choose to sing "hallelujah" at times. If that makes me sound like I don't have faith, I'm sorry. I feel I'm being quite real right now. God knows my heart and my faith in Him no matter what life is throwing our way. That is why I need to ask Him to help me sing "hallelujah" when I'm not "feeling" it. Enjoy Bethany Dillon's Hallelujah!

Monday, April 5, 2010

To Touch Him

Terrified, she pressed her body tightly to the cold stone wall of the alley. She closed her eyes and pled with the Almighty to keep her hidden until the right moment. She placed her hand to her chest hoping to calm her breathing and racing heart. This was her last and only chance of living a normal life.

For twelve years, she suffered this dreaded malady. Shunned. Judged. A lonely, isolated life. No one really knew her. No one cared. She was bleeding and therefore considered unclean. Untouchable.

God had been her only friend. Sometimes it seemed as though He left her. She was ashamed to admit the times of doubt. Then God would reveal Himself to her, in little ways, making sure she knew He had not abandoned.

Something, no, Someone, told her to come today. To meet Jesus, the Healer. If anyone found out she was unclean—she shuddered at the thought. Act normal. Act. Normal.

She heard the crowd before she saw Him. Looking as if on a mission, they strode quickly through the streets. I see Him! She couldn’t move. She could barely breath. She could see His eyes. His eyes held compassion she had never seen. If I could just touch His robe, I know I’ll be healed.

Willing her feet to move, she joined the passing crowd. Closer, I just need to get a little closer. She was so close to Him but yet could not reach Him.

Edging her way toward Him, she knew this was her last chance. Desperate. Determined. She reached as far as she could and lost her balance. Falling toward Him she reached one last time. Her fingers grazed the edge of his robe.

Suddenly He stopped. Slowly, He turned to find her on the dirt street peering up at Him. Her eyes pleading, yet joyful.

Bending down, He met her. His face was transformed by a lazy smile.

“Daughter,” He said softly, “be encouraged. Your faith has made you well.”

At that, He gently helped her to stand. He healed her. Jesus, Son of God, touched her—a touch. No one had touched her in twelve years. Oh, how she longed to feel another's touch.

He held eye contact for what seemed like eternity. Those kind eyes. Those caring and loving eyes. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Still smiling, He nodded slightly and turned to continue on His way.

She stood in the street for a long time—wanting to burn every movement and action into her memory. She didn't want this feeling to end. Hope. Joy. Overwhelmed. She was healed. Praise be to God!

She lifted her face to the bright, warm sun. Birds sang and merchants went on with their business. Does anyone know what just happened? Will anyone understand? Slowly, she opened her eyes and danced home.

Read the real miracle in Matthew 9:20-22

Great song about faith: What Faith Can Do by Kutless

Friday, April 2, 2010

At Your Feet

Celebrating the risen Lord
and all He has done for little, old you & me!

May this be our prayer:

"Jesus, Jesus, at your feet, oh,
to dwell and never leave....
there is no where else for me."
~At Your Feet by Casting Crowns~

AND, as an added bonus for your listening pleasure go here......

 Jesus, Messiah sung worshipfully by Daves Highway