Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Were Made For Awesome

I dare you to watch this extra encouraging video--even if you've watched it before.
I double-dog-dare-you.

Life is hard. Really hard sometimes. However, as Kid President says,
"We can cry about it or we can dance about it."
"What will YOU create to make the world awesome?"
"We have work to do."
"We were made to be awesome!"

Now, go out there and be a boss.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A deep sigh found its way to open air as I glared at the desk. The last time our desk looked this horrific I told myself, and the hubs, we are never, ever going to let this happen again.

It happened again.

One enormous pile of papers on one side followed by a smaller stack on the opposite side. Trouble is, I knew what was in those piles, and if I had to find something, I basically knew where in the pile to hunt. This enormous pile was beginning to fall over. I needed to do something. I needed to find a home for said papers. So, I sighed deeply and dug in.

The one pile of papers became almost ten piles (including a trash can) on the floor. As I swiveled in my chair adding to piles so organization could be the end product and all the papers could have a home, I noticed how compartmentalized the one main pile had become.

It reminded me of a message a mentor spoke over a group of young dancers many years ago. Sometimes we separate (compartmentalize) our lives in such a way we do not invite God into each part of our life. We, as Christians, need God in every aspect of our life. If you participate in soccer, remember it is God who gave you the ability. If it is dance, dance for God and God alone. If it is work, God is your ultimate "boss". Acknowledge God in all aspects of your life. You'll be better for it.

Praise God in the good. Praise God in the bad...even though it is hard. Don't place God in a corner and just dust Him off when you need something.

As I place papers in files and ultimately in the filing cabinet, I need to remember God is in everything. He is to be praised. He wants a relationship with me when I'm at work, at home, driving the "taxi", out with friends. He wants me to see Him in everything.

Friday, January 18, 2013


I drove past the tree again and looked. I couldn't help it. This time I noticed something. Where once was a large dark spot of black paint, the dark black spot is getting smaller. The tree trunk is healing.

My family drives by the tree almost every day. Every time we drive past I see the black painted spot. It is a reminder of an unpleasant time. I reminder our lives could have changed in a moment. Thankfully it didn't.

Over two years have past since that unpleasant accident. That black painted spot reminds me of a person pulling out in front of our daughter and in her desire to miss the car, she (daughter) hit the tree. The van she was driving was totalled but our daughter walked away with only a few minor injuries a chiropractor could fix.

The healing trunk brought to mind of how over time we are usually healed. Healing can come in all shapes and forms. Physical healing. Mental healing, Spiritual healing. But, healing usually takes time.

Most of us have probably heard how we are a microwave people/generation. We want what we want and we want it now. Healing isn't like that. It isn't a snap of the fingers - even if we would love for it to be that way! It's a journey.

God teaches us many things during this healing. Usually there is a reminder left behind. A scar, a memory, a black spot on a tree trunk.

If you are in the process of healing, whether physically, mentally, physically or don't see any healing happening in your situation, just remember God is there holding you. Rest in His Arms. Be patient. Healing in some form will come. It's a journey. Keep your eyes open for the lessons along the way.

The Lord God, He is with you. He is mighty to save. He delights in you.
He will quiet you with singing. (based on Zephaniah 3:17)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

His Smile

The moment he came in to the room, I noticed. His boyish grin and curly blond hair grabbed me and our eyes locked. He grinned shyly as his chin dipped low and watched me through long curly eyelashes. We just met and he stole my heart. I couldn't help smiling back even though he was with another woman.

The waiting room was filled with people older than he. He grinned at those who dared to look his way but never said a word. He nestled into arms wrapped around him when mother and toddler settled in the perfect spot. Content on watching the world around him from the island of safety, he was in a little piece of heaven on earth.

His mother soon pulled her vibrating cell phone out of her pocket. The smiling boy was gone as soon as he saw her phone. Eyebrows puckered as he watched her type out a reply. Scowling, he looked at the phone then his mother. Soon his mother concluded her text conversation. His eyebrows smoothed and he was soon smiling again. Smiling and flirting with me and his mom.

Several times the scenario happened. Each time his eyebrows puckered at the sight of the phone. Each time his smile returned as the cell phone was returned to its rightful location.

The door opened and a happy nurse called the toddler and his mother to the examination room. I never saw him again but he made a huge impact.

Later in the evening I had a few moments to reflect on what I witnessed that morning at the doctor's office. It reminded me of the many distractions I have in my life. The moment I sit down to read God's Word or pray I get distracted. I have dishes, laundry, supper to cook, or I'm just too tired and turn on the television to numb my mind.

Imagine God getting ready to 'sit' down with me only to find my mind and attention is elsewhere. I saw God's possible reaction through the toddler. Each time his mother was distracted by her cell phone (which was only a few times), the toddler was not happy but never voiced his displeasure. He just patiently waited until the distraction was returned to her pocket.

So I wonder. Is God looking at the distraction (and me) like the little boy looked at the cell phone? I imagine His look of contentment when I finally focus on my God and my King like the little boy looked at his mother with a smile silently stating all was right in the world.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's Talk

Girls, raise your hand if you watched the Championship football game in which Notre Dame "played" Alabama.

Okay, I see a few hands.

Now, raise your hand if you have not been living under a rock and have seen news footage of the awkward moment when the bored-out-of-their-mind TV commentators talked about Alabama Quarterback's girlfriend who just happens to be Miss Alabama while obviously the camera person has fallen asleep and we are stuck watching this woman in the stands. (obviously I win the award for longest run-on applause please..)

Wow, lots of hands shot up on that one!

In case you missed it - not because you live under a rock but because you actually have more important things to worry about - a little bit of the conversation is below. You're welcome. The accuracy of this dialog may or may not be totally correct but it is pretty close to reality from the video on the news this morning.

Now, like a football player getting his head in the game, put yourself in the male commentator's shoes. Imagine the inflection and excitement in your voice.

Got your head in the 'game'? Good. Read on, sister, read on.....

 "You see that lovely lady there, she does go to Auburn, but she's also Miss Alabama and that's A.J. McCarron's girlfriend,"

"You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. What a beautiful woman. Wow!"

Now, I do not personally know Miss Alabama. She is a beautiful person on the outside. I would never presume to think she wasn't a beautiful person on the inside as well. I have nothing against her or her beauty. To my knowledge she never asked to be in the spotlight that night. She was there supporting her man.

However, she was thrown in to the spotlight. She apparently has gained so many followers in the world of twitter it is making national news. Why is that? Is it her outward beauty or is it something else?

Society sees beauty on the outside and rewards it. Which is fine except when little girls, teens, young women start hearing men fall over themselves clamoring on and on about outside beauty.

We, women, look in the mirror and are not content. We are the hardest on ourselves. "I hate that little bump on my nose." "I wish my eyes were bigger." "If I had a smaller/bigger behind...." and on and on it goes. Honey, God doesn't make mistakes. He made you beautiful! Trust Him.

It is time we join together and cry out "YOU are beautiful!" You are a cupcake in a world full of muffins, ladies!! (cupcake quote from Operation Beautiful)

Proverbs 31:30 says "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."

Simply put, beauty fades as we age. Winkles, sagging and grey hair are just facts of life, my dear friend.  The woman who is in awe (fear) of who God is and everything He is doing and has done is the one who is truly beautiful. The woman/girl/teen who loves the Lord with her entire being is the most beautiful in the eye of God.

Let's not only strive to be beautiful on the outside, but, truly gorgeous on the inside in the way we speak, act and love God more than anything in the world.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God-Size Dreamin'

I feel it gurgling down deep in my bones. It feels like change. A scary change I try to deny. A feeling I need to move. But, how. Where. When. I have no idea what purpose God has for me in this season of life.

The last year or two has caught me with a rumbling in my soul. A question of purpose. What does God have in store for me? How will God use me to reach others?

"What is your ministry" often asked in the church setting especially when a warm body needed. When our children were younger, I knew my ministry. To raise our children, with the best of my ability and with God's help, into productive and Godly people. I had purpose.

Two children down and one to go. Our young adult children still need us. But in a different way. In a few years the last child will graduate high school. Then what? Is my 'job' over? What is my passion? My purpose? My ministry?

Sometimes I feel God is just leaving me 'hanging' on this quest. Or maybe my time with Him isn't what it should be and I'm just not listen. I may or may not have an inkling of a dream and purpose. But, is it coming from me....or God. I want to hear it from the Big Guy, Himself. Why doesn't He write what we should do in the sky? Or call or text.

"Dream big - God does."

Does anyone else quake in his/her boots at the thought of dreaming big? It is the new year and we are to have goals. Goals to run after. Goals to chase down and mold into our dreams. What if those lassoed dreams are not God's dream for us?

I'm scared.

I have a history of failure.

I'm also a perfectionist.

Why even try...I'll never finish or I'll fail anyway.

I know, I really need therapy.

On New Year's Day, while scrolling through the facebook news feed, a post intrigued me. You see, for days I had been struggling to put into words what I just wrote above. The post by Holley Gerth was like she was in my head. Which, by the way, is a scary place and I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to get into my head!

Her ebook, entitled The Do What You Can Plan, was just what I needed. Holley encourages small steps. Small steps I can do.

What is my God-sized dream? At the moment, I haven't a clue. It's okay that I don't know. I'm a work in progress. I have a feeling God will let me know in His almighty timing.

Would you like to come along on this journey? Click on over to Holley's blog every Tuesday to join a community of encouragement. I think it will be a fun ride... Who's with me?!