Friday, January 29, 2010

Girls in Dresses

"But little girl's clothing is so much cuter than boy's clothing," was my cry during my first pregnancy.

I would walk through stores fingering the adorable little dresses wondering if I'd dress a little girl someday. I knew whatever gender God gave us would be wonderful. But secretly I wanted a baby girl before my child birthing years were over. We received two such gifts (and a boy gift, too!!).

Imagine if your little girl never had a dress. A dress to spin in. A dress to make you feel good. And if you're two, a dress to lift up to your face during the church Christmas program!! :) I know it may seem frivolous in today’s scenes of children starving and homeless. But what a great way to make a girl's day just a tad bit brighter by receiving a dress.

I found an organization that is doing just little girls pillow case dresses. Yes, you read correctly...pillow case. Click here for the website. It explains everything and how to make these wonderful pillow case dress creations.

If you choose to participate, this picture is what may happen. Aren't they beautiful! Look at those smiles!

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful article and for promoting dress a girl around the world.
    God bless you!