Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Under the Spotlight

I am sure there was a spotlight zeroed in on me Sunday morning. I could even hear the Angels hold that  musical note for eternity as the Pastor announced the sermon topic. I wanted to run far, far away but my rear was glued in the chair.

We were visiting a church in which my hubby was helping out by filling in for their bass player. I could have chosen to go with our other two children to our home church that morning. But I chose, along with dancer daughter, to attend church with my hubby. I seriously believe God orchestrated the entire event. I desperately needed to hear this sermon.

The sermon? Based on Matthew 6:25-34, it was called In Entire Dependence On God. Hearing countless sermons on the subject of worry, none of the sermons struck me to the core as much as this one. I wish this church would have their media files up to date so I could link you there!

On two different occasions during the sermon, I thought to myself, if my hubby nudges me, he will be seriously hurt when we get home! He did not nudge me. :)

I worry and try to hold on to the issue. I am annoying when I say I am not worried BUT....

Sigh. (as she hangs her head)

Will I still fight worry? You bet, but I don't want to be like the pagans who worry about things out of their control. Does this mean I sit back and not do anything? No, but my worry is not helping the situation even though I need to be proactive in an issue.

I'm not going to change overnight since that would be so unrealistic. With time, grace and mercy, I believe I can do it.

This life is certainly a journey, isn't it?! I'm so glad God grades on a HUGE grading curve!! :)

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