Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Good Things Part II

Thanks for meeting me back here again to find some really cool blogs and people! So, without delay.......

This amazing young woman is from our church. She is simply amazing! Meet Libbey. Even though she is in constant pain, there is a smile on her face. Her mom has stated that people think Libbey is okay since she is smiling....but she isn't. Libbey has a severe case of scoliosis. I could go on and on about Libbey but go on over and take a gander. Say a prayer while you are there, too. Here is her blog and here is part 1 and here is part 2 of an interview my writer daughter did with Libbey. Remember, come on back.....promise?!

In need of children's clothing made by an excellent seamstress? Look no further! Adorable Blessings is the place you've been looking for. Go on....hop on over and look at the great selection and most adorable outfits! The bibs and burp clothes I have seen up close and they are high quality & highly absorbable. And did I mention how cute everything is over there???

Welcome back....did I tell you or did I tell you what an amazing woman Libbey is and how cute Adorable Blessings select is or what!

Another amazing woman is Shannon. Shannon has written 9 or 10 books and she is in her mid 20's. I know, amazing! She was also my writer daughter's writing mentor through Christian Writers' Guild. We have had the pleasure of meeting Shannon twice. She is a wonderful person! Shannon writes books for teens. And what she has to say to them about God and themselves is spot on target! I am in love with her first book, Divine Dance. I believe it is now in its 3rd or 4th printing. Yes, even I, an old person, loves that book! Her series of Being a Girl.... is also wonderful. This is her website and this is her blog. You have GOT to meet her! But remember your promise to come back!! :)

Yesterday, a good friend showed me this wonderful post!! I so, so, so, so (I think you get the idea) needed to hear this! Years ago, we had a church retreat and the speaker taught us Amen=So Be It. But this article really hit home today and made it very practical. I pray it helps you out today, too! If you don't click on any other link in this post, please, please, please click on this one and make time to read it. Seriously. Truely. (oh, and come on back here when you are done!!) .................did you read it??? I didn't lie to you did I!!!

Well, I even though there are many more blogs I could tell you about, I'm stopping here....for now! I'm sure I'll share more with you later. Until then, go make some bloggy friends (your real life friends won't be jealous) and be blessed by the postings!! :)

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