Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Happened At Noon!

This was my first (and only) published writing. I was in 6th grade and it was a timed in-school creative writing assignment. The only reason I know it was timed is because I distinctly remember the teacher telling us how many minutes we had left. I panicked, as any good student would do, and hurried to finish my "piece". I handed it in and figured "that was that".

The next thing I remember, my teacher was announcing to the entire class that my writing was going to be in the school paper. You need to understand that the school paper seemed to be a place that only pertained to high school events. (our tiny school was elementary through highschool) Oh, sure there was the elementary lunch listing but that was about it. This was a big deal. I remember my teacher even hanging it on the bulletin board for a short time.

I wasn't a popular kid. Never was. Still not. I was the the second to the bottom ladder rung. So to have a piece of me out there for all to!

Without further is my first and only published piece. Now, y'all remember, I was 6th grade and it is far from perfect. The "room" I keep referring to is my class room at school. And apparently I was in love with exclamation points!!!!!!! :)

It Happened At Noon!

Friday noon, after I got done eating, I came straight back to the room. Everything on the walls was gone! The room was bare, no people or anything! I thought that they might be in the cafeteria, and the posters were taken down! I went to the cafeteria. No one or anything was in sight!

"It must be a fire drill," I told myself.

So I went outside. The playground was empty, no swings, slide, or anything, just land! I ran inside to the girls lockerroom, no one or anything! Just a bare deserted room!

I ran through the halls screaming, "Where is everyone."

I looked down. I saw some sand. I touched it, and WHAM, a green monster was there. I started to run!

I felt something on my back! Someone said, "Wake Up."

Then I walked back to my room!

Do you realize how difficult it was for this teaching at home mom NOT to edit and correct as I was retyping my 6th grade writing? This is word-for-word, coma-for-coma, exclaimation point-for-exclamation point original. 

Moral of the story? If you see sand on the floor, don't touch it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved the surprise ending and...I will now be very cautious of sand on the floor.