Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Good Things

Someone has just shared with you the greatest news....what is the very first thing you do? You just found out the greatest way to slice onions.....what do you do with this discovery? Do you keep this information all to yourself?? NO! You share it with others who you know will be just as excited as yourself. (unless you were told to keep it a secret...then don't share!)

I bet you are asking yourself, "Self, what is this wonderful news that will be shared?" Well, I'll tell you. Although I did not discover a cure for cancer or anything super cool like that, I am going to share with you some really good blogs & really great people I have found on the web. (if your blog isn't listed I have either (a) had a severe bout of getting old and just plain forgot or (2) haven't happened upon your awesome blog don't feel bad!!)

First, I will start with my daughter's blog. Go ahead, go visit it...I'll wait....but before you go, promise you'll come back. Now, enjoy and come back! ................are you back? I know, isn't she just cute! She has me hooked on the Meg story and even though I am her mom, she won't let me read ahead...I have to read it with the rest of you. I even tried the "mom card" and she hasn't fallen for that. Sigh. But I still love her.

Next is her other blog she started with two friends she met at a writers' conference. I'm proud of all three. Taking on this world with modest fashion and beauty (inner and outer)...written for the young woman by three amazing young women. Okay, now go but again, promise to come back! Didn't I tell ya?! How cute are they?!

I'd like to introduce, if you haven't met already, Holy Experience. Oh. My. When I've had a very stressful day, I love to hop over and crank up the speakers. That music, for one, is so soothing to my soul. And her words are like salve. So, go on over and relax! And I'm sure you know the drill by now....promise to come back here...

Need a good laugh? I wish I could write humorously as these two! They tell it like I think it! Please meet Annie and Jenny B Jones. Writer Daughter met Annie at She Speaks this past summer. According to my daughter, Annie is the best! Jenny, I don't know...but I'd like to meet both her and Annie for desert some day. Because this is my blog, I picked out my favorite posts from them and here they are.... Annie's (watch this video!) and another one.  Jenny's and another one of Jenny's. I'm trusting you to come back so go on, what are you waiting for? Go get your laugh on!

Now, that you have fulfilled your promise and came back after perusing some great blogs....promise you'll come back in a few days to learn of more great blogs! I've only just begun to introduce you to some really great people! I know you'll all become fast friends!!

So, meet me back here in a few days....promise?

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