Monday, December 21, 2009

Mom Moment #3

After having two girls, the Lord blessed us with a boy. Before having a boy, I would want to roll my eyes every time I heard a mom exclaim, “He’s a boy” whenever their boy did something to get him in trouble. While I still believe “He’s a boy” is just an excuse, I know what that expression means now. This boy of ours was so much more intense as a baby and toddler than our girls. He would get so excited, as baby sitting on the floor, his legs would lock and his feet would point. His back would be ram-rod straight and his wrists would make a ‘revving-a-motorcycle’ action.

Twelve years later, his intensity is there but comes out in other “cooler” ways. Right now, his intensity is for anything fire/rescue. We have been to most of the local fire departments for tours (some even twice) and he and I were certified in CPR this past fall. (CPR has changed since high school and when the Writer Daughter was a baby---it’s all about compressions. If you haven’t learned the new way, go get yourself updated---it’s important!) Even when we were in another state waiting on Writer Daughter to finish at a writers conference, we made an unscheduled stop at one of the fire stations. The Captain gave us a quick tour and our boy was delighted.

Our boy also likes sports. However, this summer, due to him growing too quickly, a tendon in both knees was not able to keep up with as quickly as the bone growth, our family doctor ordered him not to play until he was able to do so without pain. He was unable to finish out Little League. Extremely disappointed. Not only was this the first year he tried out for the team, but also the last year he could play on the team. Instead of pouting and feeling sorry for himself, he went to every game and cheered from the dugout. That is character.

I have no idea what the future holds for our boy, but whatever it is, he will do it with intensity that the Lord gives him.

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