Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birthday Surprises

My (cough, cough, clear-throat) birthday was earlier this week. Since it's in December, I really don't expect much. (I've tried to counsel people against having children born in December!) I mean really, how can one compete with baby Jesus? Seriously. So anytime, anyone acknowledges my birthday--there is a major party going on in my head! Here are some highlights:

Hubs took me out to eat! You may not think that's a big deal, but it is!
Having hours cut at his work place, we seldom go out for such things.
So of course, we ate too much! ;~)

Dancer Daughter had her last drivers' ed class and passed
the final written test with flying colors! This
"I'm-not-a-good-test-taker" only missed one!
Yes, you heard me right, ONE! :)

A rectangle dish I've wanted given by our children.
I was excited since the dish is so versitile!
Just look what I could do with it:

This is an especially yummy dessert Writer Daughter made a few months ago.
It would look lovely on top of my new dish. Find the recipe here.

Or put votive candles along with some berry vine (above)
for an attractive holiday table. One could also use real
cranberries scattered amongst the votives...or coffee beans...or...

And guess what showed up at my door from a friend.
Yummm! She. Knows. Me.

A teen at church is in strong like of this book written by
Writer Daughter's writing mentor, Shannon Primicerio.
Excellent. Book. Love. Shannon.
The teen is gathering other teen girls for a book study.
I offered to order the books and they appeared in the mail on my birthday.
So exciting to have a box of autographed books and lots of colorful extras
show up on one's birthday! Learn about Shannon and her books here.
Check our her blog won't be sorry!

And what should come knocking on my door the day after my birthday?
Again, my friends know me a little too well, I'm afraid!! :)

Last week consisted of two birthday breakfast meals with friends.
One friend even gave me some yummy one-of-a-kind hot chocolate.

What have I learned from my birthday?
(Besides my friends know I adore food.)
God has blessed me with a wonderful family and friends!
Would I have needed all of this "stuff" as proof? No.
I know they love me. But it sure makes a girl feel special! :)

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