Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Expectations. It has various meanings to many people. It could make a person happy, excited or even dread. As we enter 2010, do we have expectations?

I’ve been told more than once that I expect too much from people. I even heard it recently on a local PBS program. No, the speaker wasn’t talking directly to me. But it sure felt like it!

Since I tuned into the program a little late, I believe his audience was business owners or supervisors. One of the points was to lower your expectations of people. At first I was taken aback because aren’t employers suppose have expectations of their employees? He then used an example of getting angry at a driver on the freeway that is driving 45 mph in the fast lane. It is not that slow drivers fault that you are angry. It is your reaction to the slow driver that has made you angry. Let me repeat….it is MY reaction. Makes ya think, huh?! He even suggested that before you start your day, you should tell yourself that someone will be driving slowly in the fast lane today. That way, your expectations are already lowered.

The "my reaction" is not a new concept to me but always hits me between the eyes. Hubs and I were at a marriage retreat a few years ago. The speaker said basically the same thing but related to marriage. I cannot expect my husband to make me happy. I was taken aback by that one too. I am the only one in the relationship that can choose to be happy. God is the only perfect one in our relationship. I need to look to Him, not hubs. Now, that doesn’t give hubs the right to antagonize me. Hubs does have some responsibility after all! :)

On the other side of it, don’t we need to have expectations of others? Isn't it human nature to want to be able to count on others? But if we count on others too much and they let us down…… See my dilemma? I expect others to be kind, considerate, not rude, do what they say they are going to do. Is that too much to expect? But when others are not such things, I am disappointed and yes, even get a little angry. So it is thrown back into my reaction.

I’m beginning to believe I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with Mr. Expectation!

What are your thoughts?

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