Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This & That

Wow, can summer fly any faster?! I would really like to say I'm not complaining...but I am. Why lie.

Writer Daughter is now a full time cosmetology student...for a three full days now. She. Loves. It. There is a ton of memory work but hopefully as she does things over and over again, it will cement into her brain. She is a very visual learner so she struggles at times on the if you ever feel like praying for her, you are more than welcome. Also, prayers would be great for traveling safety/mercies. She travels 50 minutes each way...we live in an area which witnesses both fog and snow. Yeah. And one thing she was afraid of and it looks like it might be coming time for writing. That was her biggest fear. We made a schedule and between her full time school schedule and her job to pay for said school...No. Time. I keep telling her it is only one packed full year. She'll get through it.

Our friend, Shannon, is on a Compassion International trip to Colombia. On her blog, she is writing a daily post about her time there. It is worth your time to read her postings. It will change your outlook. (scroll down to her Aug 12th post and read "up" from there) I've been thinking a lot about what she has written so far this week.

Dancer Daughter has some more pictures up on her blog. I think she is doing a fine job...but leave some comments over there for her if you see anything you like...which I know you will see lots of pictures you will like!! ☺ And if you are on facebook, consider "liking" her "business" page.

I'm about to make a confession. Full. On. Jealous. Yup, I'm full on jealous of this room.

These picture were respectfully stolen  borrowed from Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience. Seriously, if you have never visited her blog, RUN--don't walk--over there right now. It is peaceful. I'm not sure I really want a room designated for teaching at home anymore since our children are getting older, but I'd love this look in any room of our house. It just looks so homey to me. Maybe it is the colors, wood and lighting. Whatever it is, it looks inviting. Am I right? sigh. Oh, and another confession? I would love, love, love to sit down with Ann. (if I read her blog almost every day, that gives me the right to be on a first name basis with her, right?!). I really think we could be friends.

Anyone out there needing a gift for a baby or toddler? Or maybe you have your own baby/toddler you'd like to look even cuter than they already are. My friend is a great seamstress and is in the business of cute kid clothes, bibs, burp cloths, crayon rolls, etc. Go here and show Laurie some love.

Need a good laugh, or two, or three? Go visit author Jenny B Jones blog. She is someone else I would love, love, love to meet. Not that I would expect everything that comes out of her mouth to be funny...only every other word. No pressure, Jenny. No pressure.

Well, I need to get out of blogland and into the real world....sigh. Have a great week pressure.

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