Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strolling Down Memory Lane

I went to a reunion this past weekend. Have I mentioned my hatred of such events? I think I get it from my dad...yeah, let's blame him. I just don't like the awkwardness of small talk. And this reunion would be huge if everyone came. It was a reunion which included my Grandpa's brothers and sisters (about 8 or so total) and their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Eeek! However, this reunion was different.

My 2nd or 3rd cousin (not good at that either...there's once removed, twice removed, hair removal...oops, that's another post!) contacted me and another one of those cousins removed via facebook to see if we'd be our family's representative. She must have asked on a good day because I said yes. However, I did inform her I had a graduation coming up and other things to do to get Writer Daughter ready for cosmetology school. She was totally cool with that.

I was dreading the day. I picked up my dad, who was also dreading it, and traveled about 4 miles from his house to the reunion location. I felt a little awkward at first but soon it became fun to see people I haven't seen since I was in Jr High and was forced to go to things like said reunion.

Relatives were told tables would be available for heirlooms to display. I thought, "Yeah, big deal." But really, it was a big deal. It was so interesting to see some of the material things collected from our past. Way, cool.

After eating a potluck of all the yummy things from the past and present, we had a time of story telling. There is only a brother and a sister of my Grandpas left. It was fun hearing the stories of my Great Grandpa and Grandma and even a little about my Great-great Grandpa. I think the story time was my favorite part of the afternoon. I learned so much. Like there are 10 sets of twins (My dad and aunt and a set of first cousins are part of that number! THAT is why I asked at the ultrasound how many were in there, people!!) in the family. And how a younger cousin of my dad's had a near death experience when he was a little boy and vividly told us what he saw and felt.

Lesson learned? Keep an open mind and a closed mouth about family reunions....I just might learn something! ☺

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