Monday, August 23, 2010

Only a House

I know it is only a house. Something material. Something tangible. If that house was no longer there, I would still have my memories but I would be sad. Very sad.

I, along with a few relatives, took a tour of my Grandpa and Grandma's house this weekend. Its third set of owners since my Grandparents sold it, graciously allowed us to traipse through and relive our past. It was fun. No other word but fun. My relatives and I had brought pictures we had of the house both inside and out. The owners were so appreciative to see the pictures and asked questions about how things looked before the previous owners remodeled.

Memories flooded my mind as we walked through the house. This house was like my second home. My family lived basically around the corner from my Grandparents. When I'd go for a bike ride, that is where I'd end up. When I wanted to run away from home, that is where I planned on going. (I was not an adventurous child! ☺) I helped my Grandma with housework, much to the puzzlement of my mom who could never figure out why I could help my Grandma but fought her tooth and nail at home when it came to housework. I also remember my Grandma talking with me about that while we did dishes. She told me she told my mom it was more fun to help someone else, which I totally agreed. But my Grandma also encouraged me to help at home, which I reluctantly did. I made my first "employment" dollar at that house. Mowing lawn. Oh how I hated those deep ditches. My Grandpa took pity on me and mowed the ditches. He also taught me how to mow lawn "properly" (a.k.a. mow the lawn my way or else! ☺).

I also learned more family history this weekend. A story I had never heard before (much to my dads surprise). As I was taking my dad home, I told him our family (his brothers and sister) need to get together just for story telling. I will gladly don the title of note taker so we can write the family stories down for my generation and the next. I became even more convinced how important it is to tell your children stories of your past. What may be inconsequential to you is history to them.

The house is different on the inside and outside. But that is okay. The newest owners are a great family and I am really glad they own the house. I have my memories and touring the house and property was a wonderful experience. It is only a house, but deep inside it is secretly still my Grandparents house.

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