Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dance Away, Dear Daughter. Fly.

Our Dancer Daughter soon will dance away with the choreography of the Great Composer. He most certainly choreographs the music to which she dances. He has her heart. And, she is His. Each step, each movement is beautifully choreographed. She only needs obedience and quiet to hear His next wondrous step He has designed just for her.

Twelve days until she begins to fly on her own. She'll grow even deeper in love with the Lover of her soul. She'll yearn even more for His presence. She'll know what it is like to trust and rely on Him, and Him only...not the comfort of having mom and dad there to scoop her up. Knowing she can trust others even though others have hurt her in the past. Stretching beyond her limits to grasp ahold of the One who loves her most.

She'll love on children who are orphaned. Children will see Jesus through her love, caring, humor, laughter, and beautiful eyes. May she and they be a changed people.

Twelve days to hold my 'baby' and wonder how I can let her go. Twelve days to cry out to God to help me be strong as I let her go. Twelve days to wonder if I (we) have prepared her as we should. Twelve days to figure out how not to cry that ugly cry.

Twelve days of being proud of our 'little' girl. Twelve days to love her and help her. Twelve days to support and smile and laugh.

Dancer Daughter, you have become an amazing woman of God. We can't wait to see what He does through you.


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  1. dawww! you made me cry! :) I love you too mommy! ♥♥