Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Week

Yesterday was one week since the accident. Our daughter drove to her 50-minute-away-hairdressing-academy alone for the first time since the accident. She was scared out of her mind but she did it and I couldn't be more proud.

People have prayed. I mean really prayed. Not the "I'll pray for you" but then never really prayed type of thing that I am often guilty of. I really don't mean to be that way. I honestly forget. I need to get better at remembering and praying because prayer does work. It sounds cliche to say that but it really does work.

Do you mind if I pray right now? I didn't think you'd mind!

Heavenly Father,

I just come to you now with a heart full of thankfulness. Thankfulness for what You have done and what You will do in our lives. You have such a wonderful plan for each of us and I pray You may help us to recognize it and obey Your calling. Give us the strength, courage and endurance to run this race for You.

I pray now for Sarah as she is driving to school right now. I thank you for sparing her life, Lord. I thank You for the safety of the other driver as well. As Sarah drives to school right now, please help her to replace the fear with courage and the knowing of You are her strength and she can do all things with You by her side. Help her to recognize You in the van with her this morning and give her a sense of Your peace. Thank you, Lord.

There are so many hurting people in the world. Reveal to us the people in our lives who may have a hidden hurt. Help us to speak your words to them in a loving way. Help us to remember to pray for others.

Thank you for your kindness and love.
In Your name we pray, Amen.

I'm linking this with Emily at Chatting at the Sky. She has Thankful Tuesdays which are fun to read. I didn't realize when I started this post this morning how thankful I really am. Travel over to her blog today!

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  1. I'm thankful with you.

    And I'm thankful for this prayer, this immediate speaking of words. I am often guilty of the same, saying I'll pray and then forgetting. The immediacy of prayer is not difficult- it can be accomplished with hands plunged deep in dishwater, or at the school desk while little ones scratch away..

    Thank you for sharing!