Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Way to Start the Week

"Mom, I was just in an accident."

I gasped as I could feel blood race away from my tingling face. (She is fine. Sore but fine.)

We live in what some would call the country. We have a farm fields all around and 2 lane square mile roads. We have 2 way and 4 way stops with extra care to be taken when corn is tall.

Writer Daughter, who I will now call Cos Daughter in this post, was starting her 50 minute trip yesterday morning to a city to continue her education in the Cosmetology field. The phone rang not long after she left and caller ID told me it was Cos Daughter. Thinking she must have forgotten something and would be asking me to get and have it ready for her, I answered the phone. When she said those words I really did try to stay calm. Except my heart and my breathing didn't get that memo!

Cos Daughter did tell me during the call the location and the fact she blacked out after the crash. What happened? Less than a mile from our house (yes, you read that right) is an intersection where those who are traveling east or west must stop at the stop sign. side note: our neighbor's son was killed at that exact corner approx 15 years ago  If you are traveling north or south (which is our road), then you have the right of way. Cos Daughter had the right of way. The other girl didn't. The other girl DID stop at the stop sign but then proceeded to cross the road RIGHT in front of Cos Daughter. Cos Daughter slammed on the brakes and hit the car. She didn't have time to even slow down. She was that close to going through the intersection. Cos Daughter hit the other car by the front driver's tires. Air bag deployed and she couldn't see. The brake pedal went to the floor and next thing that she knew she hit a tree and blacked out. However, hitting a tree did not come up in the short conversation we had before I tore out of the house to get to the scene.

Cos Daughter was out and walking when I arrived. And my heart started to beat normally again....key word, start. Soon after, the deputy sheriff and emergency personnel started to arrive. I honesty remember hearing sirens in the distance but do not remember the sound after that. After telling her she HAS to go to the ER, off we go. Her way being announce with lights and sirens and me speeding after them.

She is fine. Physically sore and her left knee bothers her. However, we truly believe God had an angel in there with her. No burns or bruises from the air bag which hit her in the face. No seat belt burn. She was going 55, no time to slow down and she hit a tree head on. Head. On. We are praising God for His encasement of protection. He is an awesome God.

Mentally, she could use your prayers. Understandably, she is scared to drive. Her heart beats quickly while driving. She has had some flashbacks and remembers the deafening noise of the crash. Pray for peace and to overcome the fear.

The other girl is fine. The van, totaled. Having our daughter living and breathing, priceless!

What a way to start the week. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. But, thank you, Jesus, for our daughter's safety yesterday! Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!

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