Thursday, July 2, 2015

On the Throne

When the mountains shake and the earth spins wildly out of control, when the sky is cloudy and gloom seems all around...God is in control and on His Throne.

When the miracle of life is being grown and exciting days are blooming, when days on the calendar seem to go right after a spell of stinky days...God is in control and on His Throne.

Will we choose to love Him in bad times or just the good. Or will we question  why He "let' something happen if He is so powerful. He is still on His Throne in the good, the bad and downright ugly.

I want to be like those mentioned in Hebrews 11. Or as I call them, the "By Faith Guys". Their days did not consist of rose-colored glasses, puppy dogs romping all around or sunshine all the time. But, by faith they hung in there and obeyed their Father. God isn't calling everyone to build an ark or march around a wall for seven days but he is calling us to obedience and using our gifts.

"By Faith Guy"...who's with me on striving for that title?

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