Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Today was more emotional than I thought. Today was my uncle's funeral. He was the husband of my mom's oldest sister, who passed away nine years ago.

As the pastor said, "You could not think of one without the other." It was like he took the thoughts right out of my head and spoke them out loud.

My cousin, their youngest daughter, spoke of many things everyone loved about her dad. She shared how he asked her to live with him after her mom died. My cousin has a rare condition and they took care of one another. I learned of the prayers my aunt and uncle prayed while she was still living, carried on with my uncle and cousin after she had passed.

My cousin spoke of how they prayed for family, including nieces and nephews. That was the first emotion trigger. She spoke of how my uncle couldn't wait to be with his wife and all those who had gone before. Second emotion trigger.

She shared the prayer they would always say at night before each of them retired. Third emotion trigger. It was such a beautiful prayer. Of course, my cousin was emotional and since I'm a sympathetic crier...well, you get the picture.

My aunt and uncle (see I can't even talk about my uncle without including my aunt) were both so, so kind. And, nice. Yes, they had their faults like every human but their kindness was a beacon of light. My uncle had such a gentle spirit. He smoked when smoking a pipe was 'cool'. Whenever I smell that fake vanilla smell I remember the pipes on the pipe rack on the mantel.

They opened their home to many. Hospitality ran through their veins. My mom lived with them for a time before she and dad married. He courted her in that house. My cousins talk of how they would sneak down the stairs and mercilessly tease them as mom and dad sat together on the couch. It sounds like my cousin's job of making my mom's face turn red was the main goal.

Their legacy will be one of faith, kindness, mercy, love and hospitality. They will surely hear, "Well done good and faithful servant."

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