Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The end of June

I'm sorry if I told you something you didn't know in the title. But, it is my duty to let you know the world is spinning out of control and it is the.end.of.June. Don't panic. This, too, shall pass just like the days are passing before our eyes and the end is near it will be Christmas soon and I don't have any presents purchased and...

Other than knowing time stand still for no one, I feel you can handle what I am about to tell you.

I am typing with a very painful finger. I sacrificed my pointer finger, this morning, for my youngest. Hold your applause for my selflessness. Sit down as I tell the tale...

I am very fancy and have a French Press coffee maker. Wee, wee. Or as the French spell it, oui, oui. It is routine to ask my son "coffee, no coffee" almost every morning. Those are really the only words I can utter. I double what I'm making and 3 minutes later we are pouring coffee into our semi-fancy mugs. Yes, he is 18 but a momma can do for her child while he is still home. We both like creamer because it is not about the coffee at all. Coffee is just a holder of cream and sugar goodness. So, while opening the new creamer which still had a seal on it...I cut my finger on the metal-like seal AFTER I so carefully washed it off because ANTS. Now I'm sporting the ever-so-fashionable-fabric-like band-aid.

Speaking of ants. They are the bane of my existence (I hope I just used that expression correctly!). I have NEVER had ants other than a few who hitchhiked into the house on our clothing. "This certain brand" [which starts with a te and ends with and rro] works great I was told by some who have ants every year. Perhaps I should have questioned taking important advice like this from a person who has ants every year.

So I purchase said bait [I'm not sure how I feel about feeding them what they want...sugar, don't we all want sugar?...and waiting for them to die from the Borax] and put it out. Let me tell you, the ants sent out an APB alerting their friends and neighbors about the party at our house.

If you've never used bait, here is what you do. Place a few drops of the bait on a cardboard cut out. Then, they'll come over for the "pool party" and hang out around the "pool of eventual death". Seriously, they surround the sugar-goo. They are to take it back to the 'nest' and it will eventually kill all involved with the evasion of my house! So what if it takes a couple of weeks. YES a few weeks.

But, it does work...I think. Where they were coming in...not an ant to be found. However, I was awaken this morning by a husband on his way to work saying, "I gotta go. And, there are more ants. I took care of most of them." Those romantic words will wake a girl right up.

Yes, he did take care of some but left plenty for me. So, now we have ants in a different spot...or two. Woo.hoo. And, now the ants are enjoying another pool party at another location...but still in my house!

You must feel so privileged to know that exiting news. I work through the pain just to entertain you. Or is it bore you? [shrugs] Same thing.

After I put the band-aid on my ouchy, I looked out the window and saw this.

It is one of our momma cats. What you can't see are the four kittens all trying to climb up the 'igloo' to pester love on her. Personally, I walked through the circle in our house and would gently push the door toward the closed position as I was walking. We have an old house and if you go through all the right doors, you're walking in a circle. I mean it is a mother's responsibility to teach her children problem-solving skills, right?! Back to the cat...see how she is peering down on them. Yeah, I hear a "na-na-nana boo-boo", too. Sometimes a momma just needs a break while lovingly keeping an eye on her younins'.

And, I will leave you with this piece of wisdom:

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