Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dear Beautiful Bride

Dear Beautiful Bride,

Today is the day. Can you believe it? I would imagine from a little girl through adulthood you've dreamt of a wedding day with your “Prince Charming”.

Memories of this day will always come rushing at you like a flood with the slightest mention of a wedding…any wedding. You’ll remember not knowing your cheeks could hurt so much after smiling for thousands of pictures. You’ll remember the little flubs of the day and laugh. You’ll remember the first time you saw him see you on this day. You’ll remember the holy moments of the marriage service. And, you’ll remember the awkwardness of standing in front of the hotel desk checking in as a married couple, making sure to flash the wedding rings so the person knows you’re a “good girl”. J

Marriage is hard. It’s work. There will be some days when you look at your “Prince” and wonder if he ever was a “Prince”. He is just a man, after all. A man with faults and annoyances along with those loving characteristics you always saw in him. He will change over time and so will you. You and he will not be the same person you are on this day. Life happens. Hardships, joys, children, and work will happen. Situations in your lives will change both of you.

This is when those memories of this day will come in handy. Just as “Mary pondered all these things in her heart” so should you. When he brings flowers just because, treasure it. When he does something extra cute (because, right now, all things are cute), treasure it. When you’re sick in bed and he is caring for you, treasure it. When he makes you laugh, treasure it. If you are blessed with children, treasure the way he loves and makes the children laugh. I would even go as far as encourage you to make yourself a “treasure box” where you can write down the treasures and store them for future use. Because, some days will be hard.

I am so happy for you. Be a woman of great wisdom and character. Your wisdom of the scriptures will serve you well as you and he unite as a family. Root yourself deeply and firmly in Christ. Storms will come your way but if your roots run deep you'll stand strong long after the storm has calmed. I have no doubt you will, one day, teach the importance of that foundation to the next generation.

Live in love. Practice grace. Show mercy. Act in kindness. Walk very humbly. Cling to God then each other and you and your husband will do wondrous things.



  1. Beautiful! Was the bride in your family?

    1. No, but she is a special young woman and friend from church. One of her bridesmaids made a book with letters from women. I haven't seen the book but am told it has pictures and letters. It was given to the bride the night before the wedding.