Friday, August 29, 2014

A Bride In Store

Eliza Cantrell is not the most patient person on the planet earth. Raise your hand if you can relate. She's a feisty thing. So much so, it gets her in trouble. Raise your hand if you've ever done anything foolish. You had no idea there would be group participation when you innocently began to read this post, did you?! ;) She knows what she wants and will jump in without checking to see if the water is clear. Sound familiar anyone? Eliza is laser focused on her dreams...and a little too much on herself.

Eliza arrives in a western town as a mail-order bride. Except her groom is missing. In steps William (Will) Stanton - only to help, of course.

Will. Oh, the good wanna-be-doctor-but-have-no-funds-for-college-Will. He is a good man. But, Eliza seems to think others take advantage of him. Wave your hand wildly if you've ever had to remember to set boundaries. Will is so kindhearted and seems to have a knack at putting others above himself even if it leads to his unhappiness.

Troubles come along. Doesn't that sound familiar in our own lives. One thing after another after another. Their faith, at times, is shaky at best. Will their faith stand these testing times? Relying fully on God looks good on paper but when lives are full of turmoil, will they rely on Him?

Author Melissa Jagears is a terrific author. A Bride in Store is her third book. Her writing will make you feel as if you're there in the dusty Kansas town in the 1880s. I recommend her books to anyone who wants to read Christian Fiction. She has a way of pointing the readers to Christ without hammering the reader over the head.

I received this book from the author. In no way was I forced or asked to write a review. 

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