Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sandwich--With a Side of Romance by debut author Krista Phillips will satisfy your hunger. In fact, you'll push away from the table (comfy chair) with a smile that will light up the kitchen (your reading spot) and everyone will know you've enjoyed every morsel. Sandwich is more than a fluffy's a full fledge sink-your-teeth-in meal.

Spunky Maddie moves to Sandwich, IL to start a new life. One of stability that includes a job, an apartment and hopes of bringing her eleven year old brother, Kyle, out of foster care and into her loving arms. She fights an uphill battle when ever-so-serious Reuben, the owner of The Sandwich Emporium falls asleep while Maddie, a hairstylist, cuts his hair as he nods off in her chair. The result? You guess it. A new shorter hairstyle for Reuben and a job loss for Maddie. How will she ever move out of her car into an apartment large enough for her and her brother without a job?

Reuben hires Maddie to erase a little of his guilt--Maddie helps Reuben discover his guilt just in case he wasn't aware of it! And, you won't believe the trouble hiring Maddie causes. And, to top it off, Kyle's foster parents are petitioning for his adoption. Will Kyle be taken away from her forever?

Maddie is head-strong and won't take handouts from anyone. In walks Reuben's family who have made Maddie their person mission. Will Maddie see God's love for her through Reuben's family's actions? Will she accept the unconditional love they offer her and her brother, Kyle?

Maddie and Kyle's past haunt Maddie. Her life has never been pleasant and is tainted with mistakes. She accept Christ six months prior and is attempting to put her past behind her. Memories of torment haunt her and someone close to Reuben finds out the deep secrets she has put behind her. Will everything she's worked hard for blow up in her face?

Pick up your copy of Sandwich at your favorite book seller today. Author Krista Phillips characters are loveable, quirky and real. Your book appetite will thank you.

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