Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh, the things we learn

What I've learned from our first born, Writer/Cos Daughter:

1. Conditioner. Use conditioner after shampooing. Every time. Every single time. Why you ask? Great question. The shampoo makes the hair follicles open up. The conditioner closes them. Why is that important you ask? Well, it makes your color last longer...assuming you color your hair. I may or may not color my hair to cover gray so this may or may not be a huge deal for me. Plus, if the hair follicles are open, then all the product used for fabulous hair when styling is going to get sucked into those follicles and make for some pretty icky feeling hair. Just saying. I may or may not know this from experience.

2. Being the oldest isn't always the easiest. Yeah, we parents are still learning. She is a young adult now but being a young adult still is a time of needing guidance. She is a great young woman. She probably feels like we will never let her grow up. But, we are. She just doesn't quite realize how hard letting go is for parents. We're letting go. She is making decisions. Life is how it is supposed to be.

Things I've learned from our second born, Dancer Daughter:

1. A dancer falls. Up the stairs. Over a not so obvious 'thread' in the carpet. Or over a crumb on the kitchen floor. Anything. And nothing. She just falls. Never hurt physically, just maybe a little embarrassed. But, that is okay. We've all learned to laugh...even her. She is humorous and tripping over nothing just adds to her humor. When she falls, she gets back up. Laughing. My prayer for all my children is when they fall, they'll laugh and get back up.

2. Faith, prayer, listening, and obedience. I watch her with amazement as she trusts God with everything. Faith being lived out.

Things I've learned from our youngest, Firefighter Son:

1. Passion is a great thing. Find your passion and dream big. Yes, he knows reality. But, his dreams are attainable. Within reach. I watch in amazement as he walks toward his dreams. I smile as I see his passion. Passion for dreams is something one should hang matter what curves "life" may throw.

2. Don't take life seriously. Laugh.
He is a young man of few words so I thought I'd match his personality above by not using so many words! ☺

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