Monday, January 30, 2012


Grace. God's grace. Grace for others. Really, what is grace?

I've heard people define grace as receiving something [good] we don't deserve. Example of the ultimate grace would be God's grace. We sin, He forgives. We don't deserve it but He graciously gives us grace.

Giving grace to others has been defined as giving others something [again, good] they don't deserve. Example of human grace could be someone in 'power' has made a mistake that effects you. You could either hold a grudge, and grumble and moan, or show grace and forgive.

But, do we extend this grace to ourselves? Are we so hard on ourselves that we cannot give ourselves grace? Does perfectionist come to your mind when I ask those questions? Yeah, me too.

I believe we are all perfectionist in one area or another. Some, it might show up in more than one area. What are we doing to ourselves? There is nothing wrong with trying hard and doing our best. But, when we mask it on the outside while we are a mess on this inside, it will get us nowhere fast!

I've been reading [slowly so I retain it] Grace for the Good Girl ~ letting go of the try-hard life by Emily P Freeman. Let me take a moment to inhale and exhale. It is that good. It is packed full of many things I want need to remember.

I've been reading this book since late fall. Not because it is a slow read. I need to retain this information. It isn't a book to read in a few days. Infact, I am planning on re-reading it soon. This time I'll be packing a highlighter!

Author Emily Freeman keeps it real. She keeps it truthful. I see so much of myself in this book it is a little creepy. How did she get inside my head? Yet it is comforting to know I'm not the only one with masks covering up what I don't want people to really see about me.

I know this post is not doing this book justice. There are just so many things about this freeing book it makes it hard to put into words all I'm feeling. I cried when Emily wrote about seeing a trusting friend and counselor. She confessed (pg 125) she didn't know how not to be this way. The coping, masks, and fear was all she knew. She was waiting for him to unveil a multi-step program on how to live, real and free. Instead, he said the next freeing words, "You're not this way. This may be how you cope, but this is not who you are." Insert tears rolling down my face when I read this. I agree with Emily. Those are freeing words.

{This is not a book I received to review. The author nor the publisher knows I'm posting about this book.}

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