Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Note to Self

Dear Self,

Sometimes you amuse me. Really, you do.

I feel I need to remind you, dear old Self, that you should really look at things a little closer. Wearing your glasses would definitely help the situation. However, I feel as though that would have changed the outcome very little.

Self, look and actually read labels. Labels matter. Labels are more than merely decoration. Labels inform. Labels save lives. Labels save one from wasting a quart bottle of body lotion.

So, next time you reach for that bottle of bubble bath, make sure you read the label. If it says, 'body lotion', quickly drop the bottle and step away! Body lotion is not bubble bath.

But, I fear you already know that, don't you Self?! No matter how vigorously you splash the bath water, body lotion will not sud like bubble bath. And, don't you feel a little foolish adding more body lotion because it wasn't bubbling the way you wanted after already adding the lotion to the bath water?!

Self, I'd be quite embarrassed if I were you.

Your loving and slightly pink-cheek alter ego.

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