Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Wind Doth Blow & We Shall Have Snow

Over the last few days many have been preparing for a huge winter storm coming our way. In fact, I was awaken at 4:50 a.m. by the weather radio blaring on about a Blizzard Warning. Oh. Peachy.

When I heard about this storm approaching and its timeline, I decided Sunday after church would be a fine time to get a gallon or two of milk and other essential items. I seriously thought ice cream an essential item but wondered about the chill factor on my body and decided against the wonder they call ice cream.

Many, many people were in the store gathering items. This morning, on the news, there were pictures of empty store shelves from the night before. I've even heard grumblings that we really are not having a blizzard heading our way, but, instead, a conspiracy by the weather personnel to jump start the economy.

Preparing and grumblings. It really got me thinking about Christian preparedness. Have I been preparing for Christ? Am I one of those grumbling that I haven't time to read the Bible or pray or just know God more? Am I too busy preparing for earthly things that I miss the Spiritual preparation? Why can't I make it my priority?

Good thing God is patient! Good thing He extends His merciful grace!

Bundle up.
Keep warm.
There's a blizzard out there!
Well, at least a lot of blowing snow out there!!

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