Monday, February 14, 2011

Spread the Love and Beauty

Or maybe the title should be Valentine Potpourri.

And, let me be the first to say, Valentine's Day is about love; whether you are single or married, it is about love. Love of God. Love of people. Love. Don't beat yourself up if you are single. Enjoy it. Love your friends, your mom/dad, brother/sister, niece/nephew, etc.

Buckle we go...

David Crowder Band singing How He Loves...'nuf said and enjoy.

I found this cute free down-loadable beauty eye chart (Valentine, love, inner beauty...get the connection?) Writer/Cos Daughter printed all the colors out in 3.5x5 size to give to her fellow cosmetology students and teachers. (someone decided to relive her elementary years and have the girls and teachers bring valentines for one a potluck. I personally think it was just an excuse for a potluck...but let's keep that one between us! ☺)
I printed off a few of these for both daughters and put them in 8x10 frames. They.look.adorable.

Is this just the coolest or what?!
Don't forget to check out the rest of her site.

Then I decided to avoid housework and made this...

dark gray words is the chorus of Beautiful by MercyMe.
Verse in the middle is by Jesus, of course!
I think the next time I make something like this I'll put the lines farther apart. Trial and two closest friends.

Writer Daughter has a wonderful post here and here.

And, have you seen the commercial about "I love us"?

You have to admit, this is kind of cute. I especially enjoyed the part where the pregnant woman patted her husband's belly while the narrator talked about "growing".

Have a great day! Spread the love.

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