Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off My Bookshelf

Two books are off my shelf at the moment.

Great books.

One is thought provoking and deep. The other is just as great in its own way.

The first is One Thought Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I'm only on chapter three but may I just say WOW! I am not one to highlight in a book but Ann has caused me to break my own rule. And if the writing and deepness of the book is not enough, I'm watching the videos online after I read each chapter. Again, WOW! So far she has written about a painful experience when she was four, about God, about her life now, about how grace, thanksgiving and joy are connected and about God. It isn't one of those trite "I'm perfect and do everything right because I believe in God" books. It is real. It is honest. And it is most importantly relates to most humans if they are honest. And the videos are the frosting to my cake...and I like lots of frosting!

The second book is a lighter book. A you-have-me-giggling book. Save The Date by Jenny B Jones. I'm a little over half way done with this book but it calls to me. "Deanna, don't do the laundry...pick me up instead." "Deanna, don't feed your family...can't you see your need to find out what happens next?" Yeah, that kind of book. Will Alex be a stand up guy or be what everyone believes of him? Will Lucy use her sarcasm for good or evil? Matt. What is up with Matt? I can't figure out if I should love him or hate him. I'm seriously a little suspicious of that man. And Julian...I love that quirky guy....I need a Julian living in my house just for the entertainment factor only. Hmmmm.....these are the things that keep me up at night. And, how can I not love Jenny B Jones. After all, I did name her next YA book...There You'll Find Me. Okay, so I participated in a poll...but still, she picked the one I voted for so that makes me an influencer...right? (don't judge me people!)

Well, that is what's off my bookshelf.

How about you?

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