Saturday, May 29, 2010

Phew! Tired.

Woke early. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Grudgingly get up all the while thinking this is what getting old looks like. Cereal and cappuccino. Showing Dancing Daughter how to print borderless when the electric goes out. Decide to waterproof wooden swings and step while still cool. Getting hot quickly. Kids want pool put up. Sigh, a lot of work those cheap blue pools. Kids and I start to put up pool while Hubs weed trims. Pool patched last year but didn’t last. Try to patch again before fill with water. No good. Go purchase newer, supposedly better pool. Putting up newer pool family affair. Hot. Hot. Hot. Getting cranky. Sweet daughter gets cold cloths for everyone’s neck. Ahhhh…for 5 minutes. Sweet daughter gets everyone water. Pool doesn’t fit where old one went. Scout new location. Just want this silly pool up and done. Finally done. No one hurt in the process. Filling with water. One daughter and I go to church to work on a few things. Come home. Pool still filling. Daughter makes supper. Squirrel is to blame for earlier electric outing. One less squirrel in the world. I help other daughter address thank you notes for her graduation party gifts. Done! Relief! Son helps by cleaning up after supper. Sit down for first time today to read. Can’t. Read. Words. Tired. Get up and check on pool. Still filling. Long, long way to go. Can’t believe it is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. Where is the weekend going so quickly? Shut off water going into pool to do laundry. Finish loading dishwasher. Tired but brain won’t stop. Typing blog post. Finished with post and going to take a bath and go to bed! So. Tired.

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