Monday, May 10, 2010

Believe In God vs. Believe God

During Sunday School a few weeks ago, I was struck by a comment made by a class member. She said she was working on believing God. She believes in God but has discovered a difference between believing in and believing God. I put that thought on a shelf in my brain to dust off later after class.

And, boy, have I dusted off that statement all week. Yes, I believe in God. But do I truely believe God? Does believing God require more faith and trust in what God's Word says? Believing everything and clinging to everything in His Word. To really believe God...what does that encompass?

I've been a Christian for many, many years. But, honestly, I've never thought of belief this way before....that there is a difference. As some of you know, 2010 has not been the most wonderful year for me and my family. And people have said, "God will work things out." Yes, I believe in that (there is that word again) but have I really believed God in that statement? Those are things only I can answer through a lot of soul searching and Bible searching.

So what about you? Does the statement "there is a difference in believing in God and believing God" make you sit back and ponder, also? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder." James 2:19

    Believing there is a God does not make us a Christian. The verse above tells us that even demons do this. The Barna research polls usually show a large amount of the population that believe in God or say they are Christians. If this was true, wouldn't our nation be getting better morally instead of worse?
    The next verse in James says, "You foolish man, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless?" I believe the "proof is in the pudding" as they say. We need to be so convicted by the Holy Spirit that our daily choices and decisions need to be pleasing to God...even the little things.
    The Bible is full of God's promises. We need to hold on to them as we ride the roller coaster of daily life. (This would be my definition of Believing God.)

    Just my two cents worth and btw-I was just convicted while typing this out :)