Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a Few Things...

Yes, I realize it has only been a few days since I said I wouldn't be posting for a few weeks because of planning a graduation party. BUT I really couldn't resist posting this when I read it!!

This is from  No, I don't think I'm still a teen. Writer Daughter is a staff writer over there so I visit the site often. I hope you find some truth & encouragement in the poem. And don't forget to travel over to ....and send a teen over that way, too! (but after you read the poem!!)

I Will Dance
by RTF Assistant Editor Halee Matthews

They try to wrap their fingers
Around my very soul,
Drag me down into the depths,
A deep, dark, bottomless hole,
From which there is no return.

They assail me from all sides,
Fear and worry and doubt,
Trying hard to trap me in,
Make me think there’s no way out.
But there is a way, I know.

So I will dance on my troubles,
Because I know I must.
I will dance on my worries,
Trample them into dust.
I’ll raise my hands, praise my God,
No more doubt, only trust.
And I’ll dance my way across this life.
I will dance, and I will dance.

I wrote this poem when I was faced with a lot of uncertainty about my future. In my frustration, I wanted to worry. I wanted to think of every possibility and have a plan for each one, because that’s how I deal with an uncertain future: I plan. But in this case, I couldn’t really plan. All I could do was wait.

I was so tempted to fear, to doubt, and so I did what I always do when life is trying to drag me down: I danced. I put on my favorite music and danced away the fear, the worry, the anxiety. I took all the energy that was pulling me toward worry and used it to praise God instead.

In many ways, I’m still in that place of uncertainty. A lot about my future is yet to be determined. But I can practically feel those doubts under my feet. I trampled the life out of them, and I plan to keep dancing and trusting for the rest of my days.

Care to join me?


This is also a great read and advice. It is how one couple put one spouse through a Christian college without going in debt. Must read for those of us with college tution coming up in our child's future!!

Okay, must be going....there are signs to make and cakes to bake and photos to find.... By the way, if ANYONE knows where I put my daughter's yearly pictures, I'd be most appreciative if you told me!!! I'm missing quite a few years and just don't know WHERE I put them!! Ahhhhhhh!!! :)

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  1. Love the poem! It fits perfectly with your blog title.
    If you need any help....just call.
    You don't want me looking for your pics. I actually almost lost a diploma because I had put it in a "safe" place. Had to search and search the night before I needed it.