Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Here Am I, Send Me"

Our church has been in search mode for what seems like forever for a new lead pastor. In actuality, it has only been almost 3 years. We've had many ups and down.

This weekend, the pastor who is being considered and his family came to meet our congregation and preach this morning. Truth be told, I like him. Really like him. However, I need to pray God's will before deciding if he is really who God is sending to our congregation. (But I really liked him ... and his wife... they are real people!!)

I was struck by his sermon this morning. the blog title was his sermon title Convicting, yet real. I was really struck by the beautiful word picture of the closing prayer.

(As we say here I am, send me) "...I pray You will go before us and prepare the path. I pray You will walk with us and help us navigate the trails. I pray You will come behind us and mop up our mistakes. God, I thank You for going with us. ....I pray most of all that You and You alone will be honored and glorified in us and through us. In Jesus name, Amen"

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  1. Beautiful. I love that prayer. Thank you for sharing. Three years is a long time to search but God is faithful. <3