Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's all a lie ~~ part II

"... I've been sent to help you. If you can honestly tell me you know what I say to be untrue, tell me now and you'll never hear from me again. But, you know deep inside what I say is true. Think about. I'll be waiting...but I won't wait forever."

With a keen eye, Emma turned slowly looking for anyone who might be hiding in the shadows. The street was eerily quiet. Why hadn't she noticed before? People, cars, buses and even the ever-present alley cat were nowhere to be found. She was strangely alone. Emotions collided  - completely creeped out, beyond scared and full-boil angry. 

Yet, she understood his message. Deep down inside she felt Mark was telling her the truth. Emma never felt like she fit it - always the odd man out. Life never felt...right. 

No baby pictures of Emma. At all. It was like she just magically appeared at the age of three. Whenever she'd ask her parents they'd say the same thing, "Oh, honey, when we moved, your pictures never showed up at the new house. The movers and the moving company never found them." 

There were always subtle glances between her parents when she'd ask about her younger years. It was almost like they were scrambling to come up with a good story.

Emma made her choice. Good or bad choice remained to be seen. The now familiar drums in her ears kept in time with her feet as she high-tailed to the place of her first kiss. Well, if this is the end of my life, I've lived it well, taken chances and made mistakes. Many mistakes and this could be one of them.

"What do I have to lose?" Emma whispered as her heels clicked at a pace likely to break the sound barrier. She had already lost everyone she loved. Her father when she was a junior in high school. Three years ago, the day Emma turned twenty-one, her mother to an accident. Emma's parents were only children and were the last living relatives. She was alone. No one would miss her if Mark did indeed prove to be a knife-wielding murderer.

Emma's heart collided with her chest as she thought again of the mysterious email. Could her entire life be a lie?

The place of your first kiss...taunted her. She knew the exact place since she had relived the moment too many times. Do you ever get over your first kiss? Your first love? Or was it Emma never felt closure since Matt disappeared the next day. The police claimed he ran-away. Matt's parents wouldn't speak to or face Emma ever again.

The park came into view and brought Emma back to reality. The secluded bridge was just beyond the mountainous trees down a short trail. Music of birds filled the air. A familiar squeak of the swings with a child's throaty laughter did nothing to calm Emma's nerves. The biting wind whipped her long tresses made her wish for a sweater. But, her focus remained on getting to the bridge.

Emma stopped short at the mouth of the trail, took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and forged ahead.

To be continued...again. ;)

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