Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It was a cold, snowy night...

Meteorologist were all in a tizzy leading up to the big snow storm. At first, Old Man Winter made it difficult to track the storm which made the meteorologists squirm. Old Man Winter is like that. All sly and unpredictable. 

He hit with us with the power of a woman with bad PMS. Seriously grumpy and mean. I personally think he needs to make an appointment with a pulmonologist to deal with all his heavy breathing. He is breathing so hard one of our vehicles is almost buried...okay, it's only up to the windows but all of our vehicles are surrounded by drifts; it's like the wild-wild west out there. 

And, boy oh boy, is Old Man Winter bitter. Bitter cold weather, blowing and drifting snow make it a miserable mess out there. So thankful for electricity and heat and Mr Sun who has been shinning for two days straight!!

Being stuck in the house and not wanting to waste my time cleaning has turned me into a web surfer. 
Now, I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible and try not to insult anyone. Does anyone remember life before social media? I saw so many posts, pictures and videos of people doing the same things we did with our children years before the invasion of social media and the need to share every aspect of your life. Yet so many people comment wondering how they came up with the idea and how creative they are. What the what?! 

People. There was life before social media. There was creativity before social media and creativity will be there after everyone gets tired of their lives being open for judgement 24/7. And this rant was brought to you by......

In other news, despite all the ranting and giving Old Man Winter a hard time (which he totally deserves!), I am enjoying the extended family time. We are home bodies and this forced time of isolation is enjoyable. The house is a mess but I don't care. Clean up can resume another day. 

For today, I'll enjoy doing the laundry...okay, that was a lie but I will pretend to enjoy it. I'll look out the window and watch the snow blow around making the fields and yards look like frozen waves. I might even applaud when a snow plow goes by. And when summer comes with it's humid, hot days....well......that will be another story for another day. 

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