Sunday, October 6, 2013

Road Closed To Thru Traffic

I knew I would see a sign. My dad had warned me of the railroad crossing closure by his home.

Turning from one country road onto another, I noticed the sign. Cool! I can drive down the middle of the road and back into dad's driveway without worrying about another car.

Wrong. Lo and behold, a car came toward me. I started to question if the crossing was really closed. To make matters worse I had to wait on it before backing into the drive. Bummer. As I sort-of-patiently awaited the car to pass, I looked again at the railroad crossing. Indeed it was closed and there was no way to get past the mound of dirt in front of the crossing.

Well, now. Doesn't that driver feel a bit embarrassed. I felt smug in my summation.

As I was pulling out of the drive after a nice visit with my dad, I notice another car and then another not heeding the warning sign. Because of their failure to obey the sign without question, time and gasoline was wasted.

Road Closed To Thru Traffic. It should be ones first clue.

Driving past the road closed sign again, I began to wonder how many God-signs I ignore in this thing called life. It interferes with my plans, my ways and, sadly, my selfishness.

Road Closed to Thru Traffic.

God's plans. God's ways. His plans and ways are so much better than mine. I can't even comprehend His awesomeness. He wants the best for His people.

Last spring I witnessed woman struggling to get all of her groceries in the van while keeping track of her small children in the rain. I felt that nudge (sign) to help her but at the same time the voice in my head said the woman would think I'm strange or perhaps trying to 'steal' her kids. I sadly listened to the voice in my head.

I kept walking. Walking into the store like I had never saw that sign. I can only imagine how it might have blessed her. I know it would have blessed me when our children were younger. Yet, I kept walking.

A missed opportunity because I didn't heed the sign.

Road Closed to Thru Traffic.

Note to self: pay attention to the signs.

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