Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The weekend flew too quickly. Time just doesn't stand still especially when you're with your family trying to savor each moment.

We made a few classic rookie errors like thinking we'd just get off an exit to grab a quick bite. Our first hint was the sign that read it was six miles to a particular restaurant. A bit of construction on the six mile trek didn't help our time schedule. Then later that night, we traveled back roads to avoid rush hour traffic. When you really don't know the lay of the land, google maps doesn't know squat when calculating the amount of time it will take to get from point A to point B. Live and learn. 

One of our highlights was watching our children participate in a tree top obstacle course type adventure. What fun it was to watch as they gained confidence with each course and zip line. To see their smiles during each course was so amazing.

Sunday came much too quickly as it always seems to do each weekend. Before we left the hotel we attended a church service via live internet feed from Elevation Church. While I wouldn't want to attend church that way each Sunday since I tend to get distracted and go do something else, it was a great way to end our weekend together.

The Elevation Church lead pastor talked about the overused phrase 'God is in control' and other phrases like it in his sermon, The Second Circle. Nowhere in the Bible is that phrase used. Sure, there are scriptures that come close to that phrase but nothing with the exact wording. 

'God is in control' works well when things are going well.

You landed a new job...God is in control. 
You passed the test you thought you'd fail...God is in control.
Your medical test came back perfect...God is in control.

You lost your job, your house was broken in to, or your child has cancer. A person approaches you and says, 'God is in control' or 'God's got you'. Now what do you think? I know I'd start to question a few things. It was a great reminder of how I need to really watch my words.

If you have an hour, I encourage you to watch the sermon. Here is a blurb of the sermon:
"God is in control." It sounds nice and it makes a great bumper sticker - but do we really believe it? How can God, and all His infinite power, love, and grace, coexist in a world with cancer, divorce, human trafficking, and genocide? How can God possibly be in control when life often feels very much the contrary? In part 3 of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Steven explains how God and His sovereignty give us a hope to cling to during the most tumultuous seasons of our lives.

God is always there. His plan is always His plan even when we human try to messing it up. God is always there and surrounding when hardships come. He is circling us.

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