Monday, October 21, 2013

Do Not Lose Heart

Yes, there are many video clips in this post. But, so worth your time.

The first video, Though You Slay Me by Shane & Shane is new to me. I heard it last night at an area praise and worship time. It's not your typical praise and worship song. Last night before the band played their version of the song, a bit of this video starting at 3:24 was played. It is an audio clip of John Piper preaching. By hearing the audio clip before the song made the song so much more moving and meaningful to me. Take a listen...

To be honest, I've had this questioning in my mind. I know people in the Christian circle talk about God's plan and His directing history. I do understand and believe. But, when I hear people talk about it without acknowledging the sickening things going on in this world, the death of spouses and/or children, and many other hurts I just want to shout out "Where is God when a little girl is raped or when a child is killed by a mad-person?" I feel like we, Christians, are giving a pat answer without acknowledging the hurt.

I have faith. I do. And I soon come to my 'senses' after my 'mind outburst' (above). I know this world is not my home. I know pain and suffering are just part of this earth. And, last night, through the audio of the song (John Piper's at 3:24) my soul began to understand.

(This morning, in my quest to find the above video, I came across the story behind Though You Slay Me which is equally moving) 

And then I found this lovely song. I thought it went quite beautifully with the other videos....

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