Saturday, September 14, 2013

Congratulations, Book Winner!

We have a winner! Sandy (aka: Anonymous  thewiggys8...)  Congratulations and I just know you will love Rebellious Heart just as much as I did.

Thanks, everyone, for playing along! I know you're sad your comment number wasn't picked by But, don't cry. Because Rebellious Heart in paperback form is available from right this very minute! Or if you can't wait, I've heard it is also in various bookstores (brick and mortar) already. Or if you have a Nook or Kindle, tomorrow (Sept 15) is the day to download immediately. 

If you haven't read the rest of Jody's book, I encourage you to do so. I love all of her novels. They each have their own personality. Click on over to pinterest to find boards about each book. It's fun to see Jody's view of each book.

It's getting that time of year where a great book, comfy chair, and a cup of tea/coffee make book-loving people like us all giddy! Enjoy!

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