Thursday, July 25, 2013

In Which the Old is New

"We used to wear clothes like that in the late 80s/early 90s." I found myself saying out loud to a daughter after her shopping trip. Yes. Out.loud. It slipped out before I could catch myself.

It seems, in the fashion world, styles are refreshed on an old foundation. I found myself thinking like an old, frugal hoarder. If I would have kept that pair of jeans or shirt I wore way back then, we'd save money since it is 'back in style'. Only it isn't back in style. It was changed slightly to make it new and 'hip'.

Over the last few months I've noticed much chatter on blogs and social media over certain topics.Old, tired topics made new by differing points of view. Most of this chatter revolves around topics of modesty and whether God has "the one" waiting for you.

May I just be perfectly honest with you? This type of thing drives me nuts! Years ago the movement was pro-modesty (although not everyone could agree on what modesty really meant) and pro-waiting for 'the one' with advise on praying for your future husband and writing letters to him. Now, present day, we have an upheaval.

Today, bloggers and social media messages are spouting the opposite. It feels, at times, as though we are going through a rebellious stage. I feel like I've gone back to the old, tired debate on which is best....stay at home mom or working mom. All that debate did was divide people. And, that sad part? Mostly Christian women cause this 'great divide'.

I've heard Christians talking about these issues in a rude way. One person's way of thinking is correct and the other person's isn't. She is naive. She is young. She hasn't been 'out in the real world yet'. She'll learn. She's ignorant of the scriptures. Nothing in the scripture points to how we should date. And, the list could go on.

What have we, Christian women, come to? What happened to lifting one another up? What ever happened to the Titus woman where the older woman walks along side the younger.

I do not know what someone else has prayed about. I do not know if or what God has told her/him about any number of things. That, my friends, is between her and God. Our relationship with God is personal. It's our own. If you feel God is telling you to pray for your future husband, go for it. If you feel God is leading you to pray a different way, be obedient.

Our lives, given by God, form our many thoughts and opinions. Our goal is to try to line them up with scripture. My conclusion from my life story thus far? God cares deeply about our lives and where we are going no matter what the subject or trial.

He gave us free will. Just like us, as parents, watching our teens and young adults make decisions. Sometimes we wonder if the decision made was the best. Sometimes there are many choices and whatever the decision the outcome will be fine. Our job is to discern and ask God for direction. Sometimes He is silent. And, that is okay.

There are many, many, many current topics not specifically addressed in the Bible. Could you imagine the length of the Bible if every scenario was listed? Wowzers! When I read the Bible, I am struck how much I (we) am loved. How everyday occurrences (including relationships) are included.

Let's treat one another with love. Have the hope of a child with dreams. Faith that God wants us to ask Him for His guidance in ALL matters of our lives. Let's not compartmentalize our lives over here and God over there and merge them when it is convenient for us.

Let's go out and be kind to one another. I often fail. But God is there to forgive and I hope the person in which I was unkind gives me grace. Lots and lots of grace!

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  1. This makes me think of the verse in Ecclesiastes I --"there is nothing new under the sun" It is so good to know (especially in this age of media saturation) that God never changes.