Friday, July 19, 2013

Double Yellow Line

Hey. You know that solid double yellow line down the middle of the road. Yeah, that line. That means NO passing. Trust me, there was a solid yellow line at the CORNER where you passed me as I was slowing down with my blinker on to turn. Yup, awesome. This message brought to you by The Refresher Course in Driving Today.
Not my finest moment in facebook status history. I usually try to be upbeat and funny IF I feel the need to post. But man, others driving with little regard for others just makes my mama bear claws come out. 

Shortly after I posted the above status update, I turned on the television and up pops the Katie Couric Show. Guess the topic. Forgiveness.

I didn't see the entire show. Only one segment where singer, songwriter Matthew West was talking about his song, Forgiveness. His song was inspired by a letter he received. The writer of the letter was also a guest on the Katie Couric Show along with the person she forgave. The person she forgave was the killer of her daughter. He was 23 years old, at the time, when he chose to drive drunk. He drove drunk and killer her 20 year old daughter (along with the daughter's friend). 

Here is the link if you'd like to watch a serious of videos from this show.

There was something Matthew West said that hit me right in the heart. He has two young daughters and he didn't know if he could forgive like this mother did. He has "trouble forgiving the driver who just cut me off...." 

What does forgiveness look like? I used to think it was the really big stuff. Like losing your child to some senseless crime or accident. As I grew older, I realized it is the every day 'stuff'. But, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of that when you're deep in the middle of a wrong. 

How many times do we forgive? Seventy times seven as the Good Book tells us.  

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