Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kiss Me Awake Winner and 25 Years

May I just take a moment to tell you how I enjoyed your comments on the Kiss Me Awake Giveaway post? Your comments stating your favorite place to read were just plain fun to read. I admit I was jealous by a few of the places and inspired by other places. No matter where you read, as long as you have a great book you'll be happy.

Speaking of a great book [see what I did there?], the winner of Kiss Me Awake by Julie Momyer is........yes, why yes you do hear a drum roll in your head at this very're very welcome for that................................. Cassandra MacDonald!!!!

Cassandra's "favorite place to read...oh man I carry a book with me at all times so I can read when I have down time or am waiting. My all time favorite spot to read though is in a lounge chair outside on a nice spring/summer day, just relaxing and reading. Love that someone mentioned a hammock, I would love to have one!"

Congratulations! Check your email right now and reply with your mailing address so I can ship out your signed copy. Please respond in 48 hours or less. If I don't hear from you, I'll pick another winner.

If you didn't win, wipe away those tears and can always purchase it on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle form. If I were you I'd buy it. Yup, sure would.

Once you read Kiss Me Awake, which is awesomeness-in-a-book, think about posting a review on Amazon. But, I'm not the boss of you.

In other news: Hubs and I hit the 25th wedding anniversary mark this week. Obviously, we were both 10 years old when we married. Obviously, time really does fly. Obviously.

Ahhh, 25 years ago .... insert music as we enter the flashback portion of this post.....

He had a mullet...don't judge, it was in style way back then. I had a perm...I already had wavy hair. I don't know why I paid money for a perm. I.just.don't.know.

He wanted a small radio in his tux with an earphone to check on a baseball game score...ummm, no. Just no. All I could hear as I walk down the isle with my dad was my heart pounding in my ears...eyes on him, eyes on him.

We had a beautiful spring day 25 years ago. Blue sky, sun shining, perfect temperature and barely a cloud in the sky......snap back to the present day music inserted here.....

Have all our days since been sunny, bright and perfect? No. Not by any means. But in those messy bits of life we grow. Yes, I admit I've wanted to shake that man and I know he's felt the same with me. I really hope our children, who have seen the frustration and heard our arguments along with the love and laughter, have figured out marriage isn't for the faint of heart. Messy bits are work. Hard work. In that hard work, there is love. Love that is a choice. Some days we do better at choosing love than others. It's worth it at the very end of the day. I wouldn't want to go through life without him. Who else will get on my very last nerve just for the fun of it because he knows it will make me mad? ;)

So, 25 years. What are we doing for this major event? Ummm, well.....I'll get back with you on that one.

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