Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Oklahoma

Monday changed your life. For that, I am truly saddened and sorry.

Mothers, fathers, siblings, Grandparents, cousins and friends are mourning loss of deeply loved lives. The community cries together. The nation can only try to imagine what you're going through.

As a mom, I can only imagine the heartache of not hearing the child's feet rush down the stairs in the morning. The special belly laugh and giggle not being heard. An empty chair at the table just waiting to be occupied. Seeing the child's favorite items scattered throughout the house. I cry with you.

When I heard the news of this twisted storm, I felt sickened. I will admit I thought Why?! Why the children, God?! What are you doing?! You, who have the power to tame storms and move mountains, why?!

I felt His presence and His tears. Tears for the families. Tears for those who have nowhere to go. I heard a still, quiet voice whisper, Faith.

We live in a twisted, dark world at times. We live in a world of 'bad things happening to good people'. We haven't answers. We can only hold on to hope, faith, and show the world God's love in a time when there will be many questioning the faith--wondering if God can be trusted.

This is a difficult post to write when my mind is as twisted as the wreckage when I think about all that has happened. I won't say all the "right" things people say to try to make you feel better. It really doesn't help to hear cliches.

All I can tell you is to hold on to the hem of Jesus when you feel the world caving in. Hold on when your faith is crumbling. Hold on when your child is being lowered in the ground. Hold on as you try to sleep when all you see is that tornado coming for your child. Hold on as you put one foot in front of the other when you only want to stay in bed and sleep the pain away. Hold on. Please, hold on.

Mr. Rogers relays what his mother told him when he was afraid when tragedy struck, "Look for the helpers". (loosely translated) Remember those who have helped you. They are not looking for a reward --they are hurting with you. They are being the hands and feet of God. Let them help you, cry with you, pray for/with you when you can't complete a thought. Friends and strangers want to help. Let them help you get through this.

Prayers are going upward for you. Helpers are coming. God is holding you.

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  1. What a well-written letter - can feel your empathy and love - thanks for sharing your thoughts