Saturday, April 6, 2013


Life isn't always pretty and filled with sunsets and roses. Life gets messy. Messy bits are often worth going through for in the end you'll be stronger. More courageous. Changed. Messy isn't fun but often necessary.

"...your life can’t sing unless you play. And you can’t really play unless you know how to play through the hard parts." Holy Experience

My life was moving along just fine until I learned more of what Dancer Daughter would experience on outreach in during her season with Youth With A Mission. As I delved deeper into the subject of women and children at risk, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about human trafficking. Slavery still exists today. It wasn't completely abolished during Lincoln's era contrary to popular belief.

I have this knowledge. Now, what do I do with it. I've always had a passion to 'be there' for young adult women. I know what it is like as one enters the last few years of high school wondering what to do when it seems everyone around already knows and has it all together. Then, as one enters life after high school and you're still wondering, seeking, questioning.

But, human trafficking (aka slavery). Wow, that is an entirely different ball game. I'm still seeking the Lord on what to do with this knowledge of what is happening around the world (including the US). Children in brick factories, farms or other factories, women forced to sell their bodies, children of prostitutes not knowing there is a different life. How does that all go away so every child can have a life of play and not worry, and every women knows her worth is more than pleasing men who might abuse her if she says no? How do we stop the selling of people?

END IT is a movement. A movement to bring awareness. On Tuesday, April 9th help shine a light on slavery by wearing a red "X".

A movement that is joined by seven coalition partners who deal with slavery. (100% of money donated-minus transaction costs..example: paypal, credit card fees etc-goes directly to the partners).

Take some time today to visit END IT 's website and learn. Knowledge is a beautiful thing.


Help bring awareness by sharing your knowledge. And, pray. Pray.

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  1. Great information. Such a heartbreaking and wicked practice. Praying for God's wisdom for you and all who work toward ending this!